Ruby Jewel Jamboree - Family-friendly bluegrass music venue located in Missoula Montana. Concerts feature nationally touring bluegrass artists with local talent opening.

Country:, North America, US

City: -111.8906 Arizona, United States

  • Piobaireachd - Don't waste your money

    Very disappointing. The map detail is poor at best. It doesn't show roads that have been in existence for at least ten years. It lists a railroad (now hiking trail) that has been gone since the early 1980s. I was hoping this would be a suitable replacement for Microsoft Streets and Trips, but it looks like Google is much better and free. Of course I can spend another $30 for a map subscription, but why would I want to throw more money at a substandard software package?

  • Sarah Murray - Futuristic Compared to Old One

    Like other movies from 20 years ago that are re-made theres new technology added. For example Jurassic Park as each film was made over time those features were added to it. I like the new technology added in the film and the younger actors. I think its pretty cool and the only part I didn't like was the female president blowing up the unknown alien craft, the fight scenes using lazers, and the extremely intelligent aliens having an objective with humans which isnt logical in the first place if you think about it. The other negative reviews from rotten tomatoes and other sites do not portray this movie well. I gave 4 stars because for the most part the movie is great. I did take a break fro the first day I watched and and began watching the second part a second day because it is very long. If I could take anything out of the film it would be the fighting scenes and I would of added more science scenes with learning about the alien technology or alien anatomy which would of made the movie more interesting.

  • Fishsauce - A little hiccup at the beginning

    Bought it about 4 months ago as insurance for power outage. Used it for the first time this past weekend when we had the derecho storm in the Washington DC region. It ran great the first time for 8-9 hrs on the first day, but keep stopping intermittently after about 10-15 minutes after starting the next day. Keep having to restart the unit and then it run a while and stopped again. I only have a normal sized fridge on it...not like I over stressed it!!

  • dee litchford - Do Not Buy!

    A total rip off! Do not waste your money! Before you know it, you are in debt for a lot more money then you bargained for. Don't know how the good the product is as I sent it back as soon as the kept charging me. I ended up with nothing and it still cost me $50!!

  • jenney - The amazing constantly crashing chromebook

    Had I reviewed this computer 2 weeks ago I would have given it 4 stars (taking 1 start away for it not being able to run Netflix yet, though a whole star seems harsh). It's amazingly light. It boots up fast as lightning. It's taking some getting used to not having any storage space other then online, but obviously I knew that was the case when I bought it. It worked great for about 3 weeks. Then all of a sudden it started to freeze or the browser would shut down. My first review it shut down in the middle of typing in fact *update - it has now happened twice in writing this review*. I timed it and I get 6 - 10 minutes of active time before it freezes or shuts down. It literally froze in the middle of typing an email.

  • Mark Diamanti - Meh...

    Meh... not bad. The sort of predictable comedy that seems like it came out of the 80s, which is what it is. I think the actresses did a job with what they were given, but I think a sequel might be better now that they don't need to work in parts for all the old cast members, old gags, and whatnot. Just let them run with it and make it their own.

  • Lori Otto - I'm Getting to Know Myself

    This text is fantastic. I'm learning so much about myself. I left my last job rather abruptly, but instead of rushing into another job that pays the bills, I decided to try to find what I love. This book has some great exercises that have given me more clarity not only in what I like but what I'm good at, too. If you're looking for a new job or another career, start here. Really, it's the only book you need (trust me, I bought four, and this is the best). PS You don't need the workbook as a companion. This book has all of the exercises in it. I'll probably try to sell the workbook on ebay or something. :)