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  • Sway1727 - It was a great purchase. Thank you

    This cargo cover fits perfectly in my 2017 GMC Terrain and the color (black) matches my interior. It appears to be a universal fit even though the item name states 2010-2014. It was a great purchase. Thank you!

  • Genni Villacorte - The earbuds have good quality audio

    The earbuds have good quality audio, and I use them when I'm commuting riding my bike. They 100% do not fall out like I thought they would!

  • BookLover - Good book.

    When Nothing Works Try Doing Nothing: How Learning to Let Go will get You Where You Want to Go by Frank J. Kinslow is a book that will help you achieve pure awareness. This awareness brings us to an awareness of nothing using both his method of Eustillness and Eufeeling. We are shown through personal experience using these techniques that when we stop trying to fill or mind with thoughts we will reach stillness and find pure awareness. The result of this stillness is joy and tranquility.

  • Katerock - great duo

    Always has been one of my favorite MK products. Keeps your face smooth and balances the oily vs. dry areas. One of my can't live without items.

  • ashley gremar - You have to eat and eat plenty of water that is were others go wrong

    I loves these i start with one a day then next day one in the morning and one in afternoon now tomorrow i will take 2 in the morning.u have to eat with in 10 min of taking them or you will feel sick drink a lot of water it has high does of niacin wich will make you turn pink color and itch water will help that but so far i love these buy them at walmart 2 bottles for 20 dollar this will cure your craving and a boost of energy

  • jessica kirby - This is not a Young Living seal

    This bottle has been opened and the contents are not Young Living Oils. VERY DANGEROUS. You can tell if its a real seal because they are jagged. Not cool, whomever is selling this. Not cool.