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  • David H. - Worked great for adapting a HannsG 27.5 inch monitor

    My office mounts all monitors on arms, and when I started and brought in my own HannsG 27.5" monitor, the 75mm mounting plate of course didn't work. As others have noted, this adapter's outer points tend to extend outside the depression in the monitor, as it did for me as well. However, in my case, the depression was very slight - maybe 0.5mm, so it wasn't a problem.

  • Amber Worthington - No complaints here!! Love it

    This item was cheaper than the name brand dental pik someone had suggested to me. It works great though and I love it. Its a little hard to use just because I spray water all over my entire bathroom. It is definitely an operator error, not a product issue though. I just can't figure out how to use it without dousing myself in water. I love it though and the water tank holds a great amount of water. The pressure is good, the cord is long enough, the tips are plentiful and very useful for what I need. The slim design fits on my shelf great. I love the colored tips so I can keep mine and my boyfriends separated easily. This is great thank you.

  • hangten - Good for home. Bad for Planes

    I have had the clek fllo for a month now and overall, I do love it as a car seat. The Fllo fixed majority of the "issues" that people had with the Foonf. I had the Foonf, and had to return it because it wouldn't fit in any of my vehicles (Prius, 4runner and Accord) and for several other reasons/issues that are well known about the Foonfs.

  • Tifani - If heard really good things about this stuff

    If heard really good things about this stuff. I'm on my second day. From what I know, you need to be drinking a crap ton of water. This is a booster and its supposed to work gradually giving you a boost to help you shed Kore pounds. So far from it-works I've seen gradual results. Everyone is different. J wish I were one of those people that see fast results too. But I think give it time. Just like any supplement it takes a little more time than just 30 days to see any real differences. So far I love these products.

  • Lois Ross - This book boldly goes where no other has gone before. The medical profession is completely handicapped and impotent.

    Diagnosed as a diabetic years ago, I began researching the subject when the side effects of medication became worse than the disease. With the help of books like, Dead Doctors Don't Lie, which only confirms everything I have discovered, and Diabetes Without Drugs by Suzy Cohen, RPh,, I decided four years ago to quit taking all meds and make simple changes in lifestyle, taking supplements, eating natural foods, I am healthier and happier than I have ever been. This book only confirms, all my prior research and boldly goes all the way in telling it like it is. We can take charge of our body and bring healing to ourselves in a natural ways. God bless Dr. Wallach for writing this book.