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  • Amazon Customer - It's okay, no results so far...

    I've been using this for awhile and so far I haven't seen any results yet. My underarm skin still looked how it was. I was hopeful this product would help lighten the skin under my arms. I like that it doesn't have a strong scent to it but using it as a deodorant as well doesn't last very long especially when I sweat easily so I use this, let it absorb to the skin and a deodorant after. So it has got me wondering if the deodorant eventually mixing with the cream will have an interaction which would eventually lose its effectiveness. I've used a lot of underarm whitening products and so far I haven't seen any results from them.

  • David Wilder - Works 4 me!

    The smoothies I make with Visalus taste good and seem to be helping me lose weight. I'm a disabled veteran, since 2004, and had gained 93 lbs due to inactivity. Now, 19 surgeries later, finally able to walk in the neighborhood 30 minutes per day total, plus replacing 2 meals per day, I've lost 32 lbs in 90 days. Can't contribute it all to Visalus, but it is part of the progress.

  • Will - Awesome product, easy to install

    Awesome product, easy to install. Like previously stated the top holes are a little tight, but it works perfect. I will be removing it and rino lining it soon. Looks amazing, no problems with the turn signals. Recomend!!!