Medical Stockings and Sport Socks with graduated compression - Production of medical and sports socks with graduated compression. Private label for medical stockings, antiembolism stocking, sports socks.

  • Ida for Africa | Sanyleg - Water means life: the project “Ida for Africa”​​, an enormous social commitment in honour of Ida Bombana.
  • Compression Sport Socks and Clothing - Sanyleg manufactures compression sport socks. Read about our production of worldwide private label of compression garments for sports activities.
  • Calze a compressione graduata: calze elastiche medicali e sportive - Produzione di calze a compressione graduata: calze medicali, calze antiembolo, calze antitrombo, calze elastiche per sport. Private label per calze medicali.
  • The latest generation of preventive hosiery - Produzione di calze medicali e sportive a compressione graduata. Private label per calze medicali, calze elastiche, calze antiembolismo, calze sport unisex.
  • MEDICA, 14 - 17 November 2016 - Sanyleg will be present in Düsseldorf Medica 2016 - the world's leading trade fair for the medical industry. Come and visit us!

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  • Mario Solis Mojica - Graphics and and control play are nowhere close to that ...

    Graphics and and control play are nowhere close to that of FIFA. Only positive is that there are many different game modes such as Champions League, Tournaments etc.

  • Amazon Customer - Excellent; tan ones really show the amount of debris they capture. Black might hide debris better ?

    They do such a good job of capturing debris. Very well recommended. I have them in all my vehicles. My 2013 accord has the tan interior and I chose the tan liners. I think I regret this as black ones might blend in better and perhaps not constantly remind you of how much dirt they have captured.

  • Marie - Great compact size, easy to use, works pretty well - needs a stronger setting though, overall recommended

    I've always wanted to try a water flosser, but was turned off by the large water tanks and overall footprint of the traditional waterpic. This is a great compact size - the water tank is just large enough to do your entire mouth. It's super easy to use, and I like that it uses a usb cord - since it means I can use a differently shaped charger if necessary to fit into a smaller space. Using this definitely leaves the teeth and mouth feeling a lot cleaner. I found that I can do one set of teeth (bottom or top) before needing to let the water out of my mouth. Using the normal setting is necessary to get stuff out of the cracks, and the soft setting is good for gum massage & general gum health.


    Seriously, have you not used Dorco products? I've used their razors for the past 5 years, and have been so impressed with the build quality. If you want to continue paying high dollar prices for the "Big names", you go ahead. If you wan't the best razors out there for the best price, you'll want to give these a shot.

  • Amazon Customer - Great headset, with hardly any letdowns.

    If anyone's interested in VR, I've recently purchased this item, the VR . I Decided to purchase it as I've been interested in VR for a while and had my first VR experience mobile headsets are very much more affordable and can fit a variety of sizes. Also, some if not all headsets come with lens adjusting controls, like mine, which can alter your field of view weather you prefer a more close up experience, or viewing things further away. Another thing, which maybe a downside to a mobile headset VR is motion fatigue. Which if you are prone to motion sickness, I would generally avoid using such a device for long periods of time as the first time you wear one, it can feel a little head jarring. As I own a HTC M9, and device fits naturally into the adjustor clips and doesn't fall out of place when you close the main housing where your device would sit.

  • masutr - I used Olay products all my life which was great until I entered my 50's at which point I ...

    I used Olay products all my life which was great until I entered my 50's at which point I needed something a bit more aggressive. I tried the entire line of costly Algenist products as they purportedly are easier on sensitive skin. It is true that I had no problems with sensitivity but I also had little measurable results. I decided I had to give a retinol product a try and after researching hundreds of reviews, settled on roc. I experienced just a bit of dryness and redness the first couple of weeks that I easily managed by applying a non retinol face cream before the roc. This did the trick and after the first month, it was no longer necessary as any sensitivity issues had disappeared. I now use the whole line of roc products and love them all. It has been almost a year and there is a definite improvement. The more fine lines around the eyes have completely softened. Thanks to the summers at the Jersey Shore with minimal sunscreen, I had some deeper forehead wrinkles to handle. The roc products have definitely minimized those areas too. I doubt that there is any product short of surgery or Botox that would produce a more dramatic result. I do carefully select my makeup products and use blurring potions such as Lancome Visionnaire 1 minute blur and L'oreal moisture blur and eye blur. These products are