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  • Erin - Results Seen After 3 Weeks

    Initially when I started using this product, it made my eyes itchy but after 3 days it seemed to go away. This is super easy to apply and is of a clear color. I was putting it on in the morning at first, but decided that it was better to put this on before bed. You do need to make sure that you apply this at the root of your eyelashes which can be a little difficult at first. Just be sure not to apply it on your eyelashes like you would a mascara or it will not be as effective. I started to notice small growth after 3 weeks. You are not going to see growth overnight but if you give it some time you will start to see small natural growth. This is the first time I have used a product like this and am happy with it. It did receive this product for a discount in exchange for my honest opinion which is 100% my own.

  • K. Becote-Jones - not what I expected

    The steamer ready light is on from the time you turn on the unit, so you end up over saturating your floor with water instead of steam. Maybe my unit is defective...

  • arabeeyah - Miracle In A Bottle

    My husband gets really horrible, huge, angry, painful bumps on the back of his head & neck from shaving. This has been going on for years and we've tried everything. After further researching I came across this product and knew I had nothing to lose after wasting money on all the other products that did nothing and the reviews for this were wonderful. My husband had results within 2 days and all his bumps were completely cleared! We were both in disbelief and have kept looking every day just knowing that a bump will appear. 2 weeks later still not a single bump. This is truly a miracle for my husband and we are beyond pleased with this product. It's a must have and I'm ordering another bottle now just to ensure husband never goes without. Make sure you follow the directions correctly. I do believe it makes a difference.

  • Delaware Girl - These teen vitamins are a great whole food based vitamin that I get for my ...

    These teen vitamins are a great whole food based vitamin that I get for my 16 years old son. He takes them everyday. Taking them helps for those days when that get busy and long and he may not always eating the best. The price for the 2 pack is the best I have found so far. Thank you for making a great product affordable for my family.

  • Marcia E. Murdick - I can not download this product. And there is ...

    I can not download this product. And there is not a way to get a refund. So I just spend 125 dollars for nothing! Do not purchase this product!

  • Patti - Amazing supplement!!!!

    My have been using this supplement for about 2 months now and my chronic pain is virtually gone. I could hardly move without pain in my back and legs and arms just everywhere!! I bought this thinking what could I lose by trying it. It is simply an amazing supplement!! It is the only change I have made in my supplements so I know this is what has helped me so very much. It does take about a month or so before you really start feeling the results. Amazing!! I take two in the am and two in the pm. I will continue to take them for as long as I can. For someone who has lived with pain day in and day out for 20years with no help except pain pills it is like having my life back.

  • piash - its ok

    its a ok product nt that good its ok for regular use but not gd when yu downloading stuff it makes the pc slow sometime