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  • Marc Adler - Works just fine.

    Was able to fix our dishwasher in no time. Easy to install. Took care of the problem of the dishwasher not draining properly.

  • David.c - Perfect fit

    This is my 2nd pair of rayban eyeglasses and I love them. They have a perfect fit and look very stylish

  • Squalleye - taking forever to fix bugs

    there is a distinct bug in the shareholders salaries area that has been on the user forums for over two weeks, but turbo tax has not fixed yet. something like this happens every year. many things work well, but you always need to override some stuff that just does not behave correctly. relying on this program to get yours taxes correct is risky if you do not know the tax law on your own.

  • This Guy - Nothing Short Of Genius

    I found the MMSL blog then found the book. Athol saved my marriage and taught me valuable lessons that have me and my wife getting along splendidly and as a wonderful side effect we are both much happier with ourselves and more confident. Not just a book, this is a new way of thinking that will create a better you. Thanks Mr & Mrs Kay for sharing your experiences to help others.

  • Ell Gee - The Best!

    We've tried all the major security software and we like Web-root the best. It even catches those small, yet hugely troublesome, viral invaders! I like knowing that it's constantly working behind the scenes!

  • MrHockey - This Video Trainer on Excel 2013 Is Well Worth The Money.

    This video trainer is especially valuable to people like me who need to manipulate/process data skillfully using Excel 2013, however, actually on use that tool occasionally. I love the processing power offered with Excel but don't use it everyday and often need a refresher and/or clear explanation of the steps required o carry out very specific tasks. To me, Kirt Kershaw and the Excel 2013 Training Video offers the "method of choice" to enable one to learn or re-learn specific Excel tasks in a time frame that is most convenient. Kirt is a clear and easy to listen to communicator, and his explanations for a whole host of common tasks are detailed and complete .