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  • english_august - The worst $75 ever spent on a bag!

    This is probably the worst bag I have ever bought. Sorry, that's not right. This is the worst bag I have ever bought. Now, I will give you that some of the criticisms that I outline below may not be valid because strictly speaking, this is a messenger bag and not a more general purpose, versatile shoulder bag. Perhaps being sleek and carried by a messenger on a bike in the streets of New York or San Fransisco (where Timbuk2 is based) is its sole purpose in life. If so, perhaps it does that job magnificently well and all those bike messengers are the reason behind the near devotional following of this bag and the almost 5 star ratings.

  • Michael Schneider - This saved my a**! Really works. Thanks zydot.

    I found out 4 days before my test that it was a hair follicle test and not a urine screen. I read so many websites trying to figure out if this really worked out not. There was about a 50/50 split between passes and fails. I was also worried that the positive reviews were written by people that were paid by the company to write them. Anyways I have this stuff a shot and kept my fingers crossed. I followed the directions exactly. It will take about 45 minutes to an hour to use this stuff properly. Two hours later I went and took the test. I was worried the whole time while waiting for the results. I ended up passing the test with flying colors and landing an awesome job. The price is also great on amazon considering that I paid 3x the price at a local head shop. Thank you zydot. Your product really works.