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  • Pharm Hand - Now I understand what's happening!

    After reading this book I can see what is happening with our current government. And I can also see how to stop it. If you read or watch the news (not the horrible mainstream news) you will see how and who will stop it. (A few are doing it now, but nobody believes it.) It's time to join in, and stop the distruction of our constitutional rights by the current administration.

  • ofallon - Good fit

    The fit is not exactly as pictured in the advertisement, but it is close and mine does fit snug. I like it.

  • R. Knowlton - An F-Bomb in 300 BC...Really?

    There was enough gore and violence to make this an R-rated movie. Special effects were really good. The PG-13 rating was handily secured by the anachronistic and completely useless F-bomb about three-quarters of the way through the movie. It's pretty sad that the producer's felt the need to put a F-bomb in a 300 BC movie just to get a PG-13 rating.

  • Amazon Customer - Very impressed with this product

    Eighteen months ago I was diagnosed with diverticulosis and had two rounds of "itis", this after several years of various bowel problems. My doctor had no useful advise on what to do to prevent further attacks other than the standard fiber and water, the cure-all for every disease these days. I could tell this was not adequate as I continued to have discomfort and bowel issues for months after even though taking a different probiotic for much of the time. I have been on Align for almost 4 months now and have felt better and had very issues than previously, and it seems to get better by the week. It may be too soon to say it has changed my life but if things keep going as well as they have been since starting to take this, I will say it has.