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  • Dave Smith - Bought it, Tried it Out, Returning it

    I purchased the Flex based on a review claiming, "...technology is scary good...the pedometer George Jetson would have...the life-enhancing - perhaps life-changing - aspect of the Flex, is its ability to keep you focused on your exercise goals...it certainly is the most sophisticated device available today".

  • Dan W - Good value, sound, and they stay on the ears.

    I have had these now for 6 weeks wearing them daily. I wear these anytime I exercise (cycling, walking) or out and about for any reason. Another, cheaper brand is a backup (after 8 hours they do shut down) but those are not nearly as good in sound or staying in the ears as these. So I am likely going to get another pair of this brand. So here are some things that I don't like but are not outweighed by what I do like:

  • kenneth s bunton - Digifit doesn't fit.

    I ordered digifit mats for my 2010 Toyota CrewMax truck. The rear mats are fine, however the front mats do not fit as well. The passenger side slides around pretty bad and they both have gaps that would allow fluid and/or dirt to get under them.

  • Jerome_Baked - Real Life Snake

    I've got a real life diamonback snake that somehow mated my AudioQuest Diamond 2m Braided cable and had a litter of little elecro-snakes that are all really good looking but just dont work that well as either snakes or cables. Reselling them for 500. Contact me.