Sismer - Centro di fecondazione - Il Sismer è un centro di fecondazione assistita d'avanguardia, presente in tutta Italia. La sua sede principale è a Bologna.

Country:, Europe, IT

City: 12.1097 , Italy

  • Bill Cummings - ACT just keeps getting better

    I have been an ACT users for years. It just keeps getting more and more useful. I will never use anothe CRM. Bill

  • LA/GA Consumer - No more sticky, gooey, melted rubber covered fingers!

    This for perfectly on my 2007 Toyota 4 runner Limited. It was not difficult to install as there are some helpful guides online. No more sticky black fingers when opening my trunk :)

  • Mandy McKinney - Very good, durable shears

    I was very pleased with this product. I received the exact product as shown in the photograph. The same day I got them in the mail I used them to trim some small plants and even some unsightly branches growing at the bottom of one of our trees and they worked perfectly. The grip on the handles were very comfortable, and I used both tools with ease, it made the chore go by faster than expected since I was able to use both tools for the job. I like that they both have ways to lock them closed at all time, and the product looks very well put together which gives me confidence that they won't break after just a few uses. Sometimes it's hard to tell on websites what exactly you are getting, but like I mentioned before, I received exactly what was pictured and it surpassed my expectations on durability and quality. I did receive these at a discount on the condition I wrote an honest review of what I thought about the product. I couldn't be happier with the condition of the items I purchased, or the speed in which they were shipped from the seller.

  • Bearshark - Backspace. Meh.

    I've been using this keyboard for a while now. It's my daily. I am unable to use the "Backspace" key. This really does make using my favorite keyboard frustrating and extremely aggravating to the point where a normal membrane would work so much better.

  • James - Great Viewing

    This is without a doubt a great little monitor for a budget build. It is not completely frameless but close enough. Image displayed is exceptional and without issues. Great for reading as the IPS provides a crisp and clean fonts. While not designed for gaming it's a great purchase. Extremely pleased with it's performance.