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  • Matthew - concrete ideas for each section of the test and includes excellent mini lessons on topics for each section of the ...

    This GRE Test Prep Book 2015-2016: Study Guide & Practice Test Review of Math, Analytical Writing, and Verbal Reasoning for the GRE Exam. It starts with twelve overall strategies to help you test well and improve your score. Then it gives concise, concrete ideas for each section of the test and includes excellent mini lessons on topics for each section of the test. It is well formatted. It is not one of those big and intimidating books that you always see as prep books for test. This guide gives you examples and exercise to execute yourself and it covers all the main points that will be on the test. The guide also includes tips on how to take any test and achieve the greatest score test possible.

  • Garean Smith - Nothin'

    1995 chevy lumina. Coolant was leaking into my oil and the mixture was leaking all over my garage. Put this stuff in after hearing all the good news of others. Nothin. Made my engine run harder and spray the coolant-oil sludge even harder. Im just going to replace the Damn gasket or whatever myself. Thanks to Amazon, I managed to creat a shopping list of under $100 to fix it myself. Props to Amazon. But to this stuff... Nope. Maybe my engine was roo far gone for this stuff. So instead I'll just give a 2.

  • N.Jane - Fun for the kids

    My 2 boys (5 and 7) are really enjoying this. They are so excited every morning to see what is next. I noticed the price has more than doubled since I bought this a few weeks ago. I think $20 to $30 is fair. I paid around $25. $55 is highway robbery. Kind of a shame that they increased the price so much as we get closer to Christmas. I plan to get one next year too but early when price is reasonable.

  • Michael Bennett - This item works great. We have another much more higher cost one ...

    This item works great. We have another much more higher cost one of these and this works as good as that one. I bought this one for my daughter who had a baby a short time ago and she loves it. If we compare this to the other unit we have that is by another manufacturer we get comparable results. I would not hesitate to buy this item again

  • Dave M. Shaw - Will buy again

    Have used Microsoft Streets for the past 12 years as a trucker. I use in in conjunction with my Garmin gps unite. It usually finds things that the gps unite wont. There are a few things that Microsoft could improve on, such as the options of using toll roads or not when figure out a given route.

  • Mike - Much improved!

    I have arthritis in both knees, with a partial replacement in one. I was due to have surgery on the other one, and I began taking Turmeric Curcumin. The inflammation and swelling have decreased to the point that I no longer feel a need currently to have the surgery. I am able to do things that I haven't done without pain in several years.

  • J. M. Kahn - Hair Loss Concealer

    Much to my annoyance my hair is thinning. I've been looking for things to help it grow back (no luck so far), or wigs (still no luck, they either fit badly or look unrealistic or both), or things to fill in the thin spots. I've been using Joan Rivers's product (which works well, but is difficult to apply by myself in the back and it's a little messy) and while looking at another product came accross this one "caboki". I watched them apply it on their site, and was impressed and after a little more research bought it through It works wonderfully and is very easy to apply. Just tilt and tap and since I can do it with one hand, I can use a mirror to see the top back of my head and apply it there too! It comes in a variety of colors. I can't recommend it enough for those who have bald patches or thinning hair. Men or women, works just as well for both. It stays on until you wash it off.