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  • T. J. Stewart - Works!

    After getting estimates upwards of $700 to have our roof professionally cleaned (but risk my extensive gardens) I decided to try this product. I originally (accidentally) ordered the house and deck cleaner, and amazon quickly exchanged it without even charging me.

  • Amazon Customer - Perfect

    I've tried so many different herbal and detox teas, but Nature Ace is really on a different level than stuff like Pukka or Twinings. The flavor is just right and I always feel really refreshed in the morning, or when I enjoy it half way through the afternoon. I've already done 2 weeks and I'll definitely be carrying on!

  • Stephen J. Gordon - Very satisfied

    Appears to be solidly made. Works well with XM radio. Have not tried it with FM. Item as described. Very satisfied

  • AJ Teg - Hours of entertainment!

    This was a gift for my 9y/o niece. It was hilarious watching her and the other kids dance along. The most fun is in party master mode. I just wish there were more than just 5 songs to choose from in this mode...

  • adinaiman - Leaves hair feeling greasy

    It's does help straighten but it leaves my hair feeling weighed down and greasy. I prefer a lighter oil spray when I'm blow drying and straightening.

  • khosein - ... of all the rest that has held up the best. My kids have had their Leap Pad for ...

    The Leap Pad has been the one game system out of all the rest that has held up the best. My kids have had their Leap Pad for at least 4 years. There are many games for this system that range for age 3 to 9 years of age so this system can be used for many years. After 4 years of rough play by my son his is finally starting to give out. I guess my son taps very hard on the screen with the pen that comes with it so the bottom half of the screen is almost blank. Even thought my kids have had this already for many years they still love to play with it so we are planning on buying them the newer version this year.