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  • murillo - It also gave you great rationals for the correct and the wrong answers

    It was very helpful in studying for the PN NCLEX . The questions made me think about the reason I choose the answer I did . It also gave you great rationals for the correct and the wrong answers . Great book all around .

  • BersReview - Awesome texture, lasts all day

    This stuff is amazing! I originally got a free sample from Nordstrom's and immediately feel in love with it. I love the whipped texture and how easily it glides onto my face. I do use a face lotion underneath, which helps it to go on especially easy in the under eye area where makeup sometimes gets cakey. Most days, my makeup routine only includes this and some mascara. Maybe a little blush. It's quick and easy and lasts all day.

  • Swiss Engineer - Very Satisfied with the NR-240A

    I am not a plumber. I am an engineer and very handy around the house. I installed a Navien NR-240A in September 2011. So far the unit has run flawlessly (Jan 2013). The only issue i experienced is with the Condensate Neutralizer which is an accessory you purchase separately and add to the condensate output line to neutralize the acidity of the condensate. Somehow after 9 months of use, the condensate filter had a hard time keeping up with the condensate flow rate and had to be replaced ($75). I am at my second filter that i need to replace. But this part is independent of the tankless heater. Most people probably don't care that much and let the water with an acidic PH go down the drain.

  • Keylyme - Allergic Reaction to non-sensitive skin

    My skin turned bright red around my nose and mouth moments after applying. My skin is normally not sensitive. I wash my face with Avalon Vitamin C liquid face wash, part of the same line, which does not bother my skin. I'm not sure which ingredient causes this reaction. Apparently I'm not alone!

  • Ryan - Awesome shirt!

    Very fast shipping! I received the shirt yesterday, opened it up, and my initial reaction was surprising on how good the quality was. Well worth the price, and makes for a great conversation while wearing.

  • Nikki - Just another junky MLM supplement

    Tried it and didn't feel any different. I bet the reason so many people feel different immediately is the damn caffeine. Don't waste your money. It's just another junky MLM supplement.

  • sardy - I have purchased many fine books from Amazon. Sadly this is not one of them.

    Mr Bernardi seems to take an unseemly interest in the familial relationships, sexual preferences and religious beliefs of others. Apparently he must have skipped past the sections of the Bible that spoke of tolerance and forgiveness as he fails to demonstrate either character trait. Therefore it falls to the rest of us to try to tolerate his small mindedness and religious bigotry. After all we're better than that aren't we?