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  • Mark Lorenz - Nice try, but not for us

    These were primarily for my wife, though I tried them out. I didn't see much difference and neither did my wife. I wish I could recommend this kit, as it's a unique and interesting idea that doesn't hurt at all (we had tried other products that made our teeth ache).

  • Jess T. - Great set!

    I started using this set about a week ago after it was recommended to me. I'm in my late 20's with fair, very sensitive combination skin, and I've been searching for quality skincare products to protect and prevent before my skin starts to show signs of aging. This set is great-- The price might seem a little steep, but you really get a lot of product. It's very helpful how the set includes everything you need. All the products absorb pretty fast, and with each layer, my skin gets silkier and silkier. I have very dry skin around my chin and cheeks to the point where I get red blotches, and the products help calm and moisturize. I use the regimen at night with more of the heavy cream than I would during the day, and I wake up with radiant skin in the morning. During the day, I skip the heavy cream and use the BB cream instead, which is tinted-- It turns my face into a flawless canvas for foundation and other color make up. My skin stays moisturized all day, but my T-zone still stays matte. And as a plus, they have a light floral scent to them that I find very pleasant. I am in love, and will continue using every one of these products.

  • LadyBlue - Must taste horrible

    This seems to work "when I can get my cat to take it." He hates the taste even when I sneak it into tuna water or fishy cat foods. Too bad it doesn't have a desirable flavor. It only takes a few drops each day but getting those few drops administered is hard to do

  • NK19 - If your Catalytic converter is just dirty and it has not been damaged then this will work ...

    Here is the deal. If your Catalytic converter is just dirty and has not been damaged then this will work for you. It is very nice product to keep fuel system efficient and clean. However, if your catalytic converter is broken or damaged then don't waste your money. Mine was dirty and the check engine light came on and i used it twice and the check engine light has gone away. So it worked for me. I will keep using it every 3 months. My car runs very smoothly after using this product.

  • Melinda McNamara - good deal

    took a while to arrive but within the parameter of time. It's winter so I was glad they didn't break from freezing and solutions seemed unfrozen.

  • Kiki - awesome recumbent bike

    This dual motion recumbent bike is very worth the money spent. It was easy to assemble and adjust. It's easy to use and a fairly comfortable ride. Serves the purpose to a tee.

  • latehippy - Great value! Does everything it should

    Great value! Does everything it should, easy enough software once I got it set up (that was a bit of a struggle, but attribute to user error).