Flagstaff's Clyde Tombaugh House and Steve Schoner'sstory - Two years ago I was given the opportunity to move a historic house here in Flagstaff, Arizona, the home of Clyde Tombaugh, discoverer of Pluto.

  • http://steve-schoner.tripod.com/slides.htm Slides from my brain - Slides from my brain. Having suffered life threatening acute disseminating encephalomyelitis (ADEM)-- Steve Schoner's brain biopsy scar shortly after his one month stay the hospital

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  • Barbara Figueroa - afrin severe congestion nasal spray

    I wanted to know how come they dont sell the severe congestion spray in the stores any more ? They sell sinus and the regular afrin spray but i have a hard time finding this paticular spray and its the best one out of all of them . I have gone to so many stores and they never have this spray, I think they should have this spray on the market all the time like they have the other ones I cant tell you how well this spray works and so quick and quick relieve at the same time I have refered this spray to so many people and they think its great but when you run out and you cant find it in the store what good is it when you have to wait so long to recieve it in the mail.It would be nice if they had it in the store more often.

  • Nate R - Take that, Positive Psychology!

    Fantastic set of aesops fables. My 3yo daughter loves being read a few each night and will even retell them during the next few days. I live how aesop makes his tendency towards negative endings work. I also find myself mentally coming back to the stories in my decision making processes during work and general life. Take that, Positive Psychology!

  • Rough Country Dude - Failure to Generate any Conclusive Relevance

    Intense amount of information and research i.e. historical background is well qualified, however the book lacks any kind of applicable or conclusive theories based on the premises as identified. It basically becomes very confusing in the closing chapters, leaves you going in circles versus providing empirical or quantitative information that would provide an individual at a minimum some directional focus. Scripture interprets scripture, however this book lacks the ability to draw any conclusive relevance to the theories as developed with the closing chapters...