La Stomatophobie - Ce blog a pour sujet la Stomatophobie (peur des dentistes), je vais parler de mon expérience, regrouper des liens parlant de ça et rassembler des témoignages.

  • Les stomatophobes et le mensonge - La Stomatophobie - En général quand on est stomatophobe, on est adepte du mensonge ou de cacher la vérité sous d'autres masques, les raisons sont diverses et...
  • Les trucs contre la douleur dentaire - La Stomatophobie - Les stomatophobes sauront de quoi je parle, la douleur dentaire ou plus communément appelée rage de dent nous est très familière. La...
  • Le blog de la Stomatophobie - La Stomatophobie - Je souffre de cette phobie depuis toute petite, et je sais que beaucoup de gens en souffrent, malheureusement sur internet on ne les écoute...

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  • R. Tsutsumi - good control

    this product surpasses others that I've tried for treatment of nail fungus. No more expensive and long lasting. I can trim my toenails now with no problem; leaves the nails softer and manageable. A very good product.

  • Anja Roers - coding book & workbook

    this book is just what I needed. It is the same book used in my coding class 2 years ago, but a newer version, and it will help me brush up on my coding.


    Although it's a nice quality product, and I only purchased based on customer reviews, I was sadly disappointed. I installed mine in nice hot weather for maximum plastic flexibility and tape adhesion. There is a plastic piece at front lower edge of both front windows on my 2016 CX5, and these pieces don't QUITE conform to the raised edge they create, hence causing weak or no tape adhesion in this area. I wish they made an in-rail product like this as I think that type might hold/wear better after running through a car wash ad infinitum for the 10 years or more I plan to have this car! Also, one of the pieces loosened and caused disconcerting flapping noises at highway speed, thus ending my relationship with product, which I removed and tried to return. Seller DID NOT WANT PRODUCT BACK but still gave me refund. That said, I wonder how many other "unsuccess" stories have not made it into these reviews...side note: tape stretches REALLY BAD if you stick on/pull off so you better BE SURE you have it placed properly or you will be trimming excess tape and then trying to get it back on with no gaps or you defeat the whole purpose of having these in the first place!!! I DO NOT recommend this to any perfectionists like me or people who aren't very good with tedious projects as you will be wildly frustrated if you're in either category. I gave 3 stars because it's a nice product but you get no templates/instructions, not even alcohol pads to clean before installing. I used my own alcohol to clean and drank the rest when it got so frustrating! Ha ha just kidding! ;O)

  • SomethingBetter - Love them, bought another set

    I got these for my son as a gift since I cannot afford the ones he actually wants. I use them while he's at school since he is not allowed to bring them.

  • Pete D - Funny Calendar to Start each day

    Great Calendar to lighten each day. I get one of these each year for my sister and she continues to enjoy them and request them.

  • Amazon Customer - I loved this book

    This book offers an inside and fair look and feel of Lucy and Desi. There is interesting detail and history of the entertainment industry. Couldn't put it down and sorry it ended.

  • S. Rhodes - Villaware 2010 Waffler

    This is an awesome waffle maker. It heats up quickly and makes continuous waffles quickly. It is easy to clean and operate. It is sturdy. It makes BIG waffles but you can tear them by hand into quarters if so desired. I have had this unit since Nov 2009.