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Country:, North America, US

City: -80.2656 Florida, United States

  • Bellingham, WA - Love the face wash; allergic to this face cream.

    I have loved the face wash (see my other review) and tried the face cream today. I found it caused a burning sensation on my face, was greasy feeling and made my skin shiny. It smelled terribly perfume-y, so much so that I ended up coughing. I've had better luck with Aveno lotion on my face, but it too has a subtle unpleasant odor, although it is described as "fragrance free."

  • Mary U. - Waste of Money!

    Waste of money. The grass seed was there, but the "mousse" just came out as a watery green dye. Did not hold the seed down. So, the seed washed away with the first rain after application.

  • bob jones - Epic fail! Access newbies look elsewhere if you want to create a database and make forms for data entry.

    Disappointed. Not useful for a first time Microsoft Access learner. The book taught a lot about the back side of the database, but it doesn't follow through with simple, clear help for the front side. For example, it teaches you how to make a junction table, but it never teaches you how to make a form to enter in multiple values that will populate both the main fields and the junction table. That is a basic requirement! Now I am searching the internet wasting my time looking for help. Another issue is that the whole book is based on sales. But sales is only one of many uses for database. In my case it is used to collect information on records- there are very few examples that are useful for me. Epic fail and waste of the rental fee from Amazon for the book. If you are new to Access and have no database experience, I suggest that you look for another guide. This one barely gets you half way done with your database.

  • C. Burton - It doesn't feel comfortable to the touch

    The board has a textured surface. I'm not sure how the felt pads would be able to glide on that. The plastic planchette jiggles when you place your hands on it because of the battery compartment. It was not what I was looking for - should have gone with the classic. I never tried it. It doesn't feel comfortable to the touch.

  • Amazon Customer - It's a great robot. Like they have their own mind

    It's a great robot. Like they have their own mind. I got this from the anki directly. If ou want cozmo to active all the time, you need to connect it to your device such as iphone or ipad. This robot is great for kids. Range from 8-15 yo will be good. Need more upgrade for some stuff. But a great breakthrough