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    Do not waste your money and time! This is a very well built antenna, but there best and biggest model did not even go 60 miles. I went from 19 channels to 4. I am a 59 year old Marine corps DAV and I paid to have this installed on the roof and to be removed, They offered nothing even thought there product did not preform the miles they claimed. To top it off I tried to get them to do will call by fedx, because I live out in the country and it is 60 miles one way to drop it off at Fedx. They said no and I drove 120 miles round trip to send it back. But Amazon agreed with me and gave me back $130.00 on the Bad deal. I bought the Esky Amplified 150 Miles HD Digital Outdoor HDTV Antenna with Motorized 360 Degree Rotation for $36 and I am back in business.

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    I ordered this from a different vendor the first time. Ordering from Amazon saved me money but the quality of product isn't the same. This is more watery. It still works but the results take an extra application. ( I apply directly to breakout overnight. I do not use as a mask). I will order again but I think from the first vendor.

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    I love waking up without bad breath. I never thought it would be possible until I tried Breath Appeal. I recommend this to anyone that hates that sour taste in their mouth when they wake up. I also noticed that I don't feel like I need to chew gum or use breath mints anymore. I haven't had any negative effects using this product, only positive. I wish I would had this product sooner!

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    I was very pleased with this item! Everyone loves these new "coolers" that keep your drinks cold for hours. I love drinking carbonated water in a can and hate having to pour it into a cup. This is perfect! It keeps my water ICE COLD for as long as I need it! I plan on taking it with my camper all next summer also for any other (cough cough) beverages I may need to keep cold. It is easy to open, just twist off the top and pop your can in and screw back. Great size, easy to clean. Also can use bottles! I got this at a discount for my honest review, and plan on ordering another at full price!

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    this stuff leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean without the harshness of alcohol. it completely eliminates coffee breath, onion breath, even garlic breath! i purchased it because once every year or two, i get a tonsil stone; it makes me nervous about what is still hiding in my tonsils and how it might be affecting my breath. this product is supposed to keep them at bay. while i can really say this is true or not (since i get them so infrequently), it's given me more confidence that my mouth is super clean and i don't have to worry about getting close to people when i'm talking. the 2-pack on amazon is cheaper than one bottle in my local store, so while it's still a little pricey, it's not that bad when i consider how happy i am with the results. also, i don't use as much as they instruct on the bottle; i find that 1/2 that amount is enough for me. i like the new icy mint flavor too, much better than the original. i absolutely recommend this to anyone, even if you don't have tonsil or breath problems.