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  • Kaila Schnackenberg - Double Duty!

    I purchased these because I am currently both pregnant and breastfeeding and these seemed to be the best of both worlds. So far, they are working out wonderfully. They seem to contributing to my health and I haven't noticed any side effects (bad taste, hard to swallow, etc) so I am pleased. I love that it came with 120 pills so I won't have to purchase a refill anytime soon. I would definitely recommend these vitamins.

  • Kim Perry - One of the Best Things I've Ever Owned!

    The TubShroom works beautifully. Just remove the the drain cover in your tub, pop in the TubShroom and you're ready to use it. It's that simple. I've bought two of these so far - one for me and one for a friend. It truly does capture all the hair with every shower.

  • MelissaRose - against policy

    reviewing the product, not from this seller. It odd against the itworks company policy to sell on Amazon. There is no way to be sure these masks aren't expired and you won't get the best results from an excited product. To get the 4 pack for 59$ and directly from ItWorks global so you know you're begging a quality product. Visit

  • Neil J. Katz - Seems to be OK, but haven't needed to restore anything

    Agree that this is not the easiest program to run, but my backyuups do complete without incident. Have to be careful with the setting or you can wind up filling a backup disk before you know it. Make sure you set to keep only so many versions. I set my image backups to keep only one version, and usually run these once a month unless I make a major system change.

  • Fungrl - Dance away

    This looks like a fun game but a bit advanced for my four year old daughter. She has another dance game and can dance all day. This one is a little more than a two step, catch on. It does keep her entertained though.

  • charles E Owens - very good product

    Getting a lot of green nutrients is a good thing and this product fills the bill, you need to drink it with some kind of juice or protein drink etc. because it is very strong tasting, it does give you energy I don't drink it in the evening I tried that and couldn't get to sleep.