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  • Thorsnes Bartolotta McGuire: Personal Injury - Thorsnes Bartolotta McGuire is a nationally recognized, award winning, San Diego personal injury law firm.
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  • Condemnation Attorney | Eminent Domain Lawyers - Eminent Domain and Condemnation lawyers at Thorsnes Bartolotta McGuire have received some of the largest verdicts and settlements in California history
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  • Vincent J. Bartolotta Jr, San Diego Personal Injury Attorney, San Diego Condemnation Lawyer - Vincent J. Bartolotta, Jr. is a personal injury attorney who specializes in business disputes, catastrophic injuries, wrongful death and condemnation law.
  • John F. "Mickey" McGuire - Mickey McGuire is a San Diego personal injury attorney who specializes in construction defects products liability personal injury and business law cases.
  • Kevin F. Quinn, San Diego Personal Injury Attorney, San Diego Elder Abuse Lawyer - Kevin F. Quinn San Diego personal injury attorney specializes in wrongful death, san diego elder abuse lawyer. He is nationally recognized in Best Lawyers in America, Super Lawyer and Law Dragon
  • Karen Frostrom | Business Litigation Attorney - Karen R. Frostrom practices business litigation, municipal redevelopment, land use, eminent domain, condemnation, and contracts law in San Diego and Arizona
  • Ian Fussleman | Civil Trial Attorney - Ian Fusselman is a San Diego business dispute attorney who handles construction defects, products liability, helicopter crashes, personal injury and business law cases.
  • Brett Schreiber | Mass Tort Lawyer | Personal Injury Attorney - Brett Schreiber is a San Diego personal injury lawyer whose practice includes construction defects, medical malpractice elder abuse and condemnation law
  • Michel T. Thorsnes | Of Counsel Retired - Michel T. Thorsnes, Of Counsel, retired from the active practice of law to pursue literary and related interests

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