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  • Amazon.Buyer - My goto spray now for moldy areas

    I bought this to eliminate the moldy smell that was starting to develop in my basement. I recently had an incident where water from my kitchen sink over flowed into the basement and got the baseboards wet. I ran the dehumidifier for a few days hoping that nothing would go wrong, but unfortunately, a month or so later, I could smell mold spores when I opened the basement door.

  • garkin - Excellent memory that runs fast!

    Great memory that runs fast at stock voltage. Many people may want to consider the 16 GB kit, though.

  • kmrotterdam - Great Disaster Movie

    The Russian pilot was so cute ... why did he have to die? I am a fan of post-apocalyptic films, and this does a good job in being frightening, as well as entertaining, Yes, of course, there are some weaknesses in the logic of some details, but overall, it's entertainment and certainly worth the time ... if you are a fan of the genre. I originally saw this in the theaters when it was released, and I wanted to have my own copy to watch every now and then. The special effects / computer generated graphics are spectacular and serve the plot well in making it more exciting. Turn off the lights, crank up the surround sound, and cuddle under a blanket with someone fun to hold on to for some excitement and entertainment,

  • Librarian Jen - Excellent pans

    I have been using these pans for about a month or so now. They are super easy to clean and cook evenly. I thought the rivets might be hard to clean but really any food I had them has come off easily as well with soap and water. Rice doesn't stick to the bottom, cheese sauce wipes clean with no effort, eggs slide right out. No oil or spray needed. The weight on them is great, heavy enough to sit well on my glass top stove and not slip around but not too heavy to lift.

  • LaShaye Sykes - Works great

    Used it for hubby when he was getting his sleeve finished.. I wanted him to test it out for me. He said he could feel the difference with and without that spray. I haven't got a chance to use it yet even though I Brought it to finish my foot tattoo.. he said it works.