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  • melissa gonzalez - cb-1 REALLY WORKS

    well I stared using this product about 2 months and half now and I have gained about 23 pounds im extremely happy since I was really small I have a really fast metabolism I have always eaten more than my friends or anyone else and no matter how much I ate I never gained any weight so I decided to order cb-1 and my results are AWSOME ...for some people it works but not for all so I think you should try it because it might work for you and you can get a refund if it dosent .. I LOVE CB-1 ..

  • K324 - Worst customer service I've ever dealt with

    Horrible horrible customer service. They don't care about anything but taking your money. I agreed to a one time purchase per shipment of $30 and somewhere in the fine fine print it apparently said $90 for one shipment that would be broken down into 3 payments of $30 a month. I did not agree to that at all! When I called to complain all they would do is cancel my account but I would continue to be charged the $30/month until the $90 was fully paid. The woman on the phone argued with me for 30 min about it and wouldn't do anything else for me. The product doesn't even work at all. I still get break outs in the same spots I did before using Pro Active. Seriously avoid this company... they'll just take your money.