The iQ Group - Comprised of 5 companies that provide services to the biopharmaceutical industry. We work right across the product development cycle and our service offerings across the group include, Capital Investment, Corporate and financial advisory, IP asset management, Medical and Clinical Affairs, Scientific Advisory and Due Diligence and Pharmaceutical sales.

Country:, Oceania, AU

City: 143.2104 , Australia

  • bonnie - Not sure about this shampoo...

    I was using another more expensive shampoo for my dogs bad skin (if not taken care of with a medicated shampoo). So, I decided to try this product and perhaps save some money. However, after a couple of months I noticed the hair on my dog doesn't seem as full and she seems to have less. Now, mind you, I do not know if this product is helping my dog lose the hair or she is losing it anyway but to be safe I have switched back to the more expensive shampoo now. I'll see what happens and if she stops looking like she is losing hair. I have a Shit Tzu. Their hair is the great thing about these little guys.

  • Yolanda L. Moran - My students also did not like the Spring Geometry student edition

    I ha to use this book this summer . The geometry concepts are not clear an unorganized. I had instead to make my lessons from Big ideas.

  • Chisara - Don't waste your money

    This did nothing for my natural hair. Felt like a "coating" instead of a conditioner! Not impressed by this prod

  • Michael A. Indiveri - Rick Does Great When He Does It.

    Again Rick has done a great job in mixing history, culture, tour ideas and suggestions. He is also very readable. However, his work does have some short comings. Spain's walking tours are helpful but often hard to locate the beginning of the walking tour. Sevilla was very hard to start. Also his prices at the main venues almost always seemed short a euro or two After a while we just plan for the increase and if his price quote was still good, the more the better.. And the Spain book left out Valencia altogether.

  • Sebastian Alfonso Jaramillo - Balance you're

    Good product, doesn't have any secondary effects, great for allergy syntoms as well as flue. because somehow balance you're immune System

  • Chris - Thank You Bunny.!

    I wanna say a big thank you, to Bunny for helping me with the shipping problems I had with this item. He/She stayed right by my side with good customer service & just got here today, and it sounds great! 3 weeks not bad. It was worth the wait.

  • Wildwoman1976 - Best you can get for your money!

    My husband swears this is the best out there and the best you could ever buy! He uses this in all his equipment and he has ALOT of equipment since he owns a landscaping and asphalt paving business.