The Memorial Hospital at Craig - Craig, Colorado - The Memorial Hospital at Craig is located in Craig, Colorado, and provides healthcare to the communities of Moffat County.

Country:, North America, US

City: -84.636 Michigan, United States

  • Kathy Grace - Sticks wonderfully, but didn't lighten much

    Dang, reading these other reviews, I feel like a freak. I agree with everything the other reviewers have said regarding the stickiness: these strips do hold much better than the old ones, and are quite unobtrusive. I have somewhat prominent canines, but had no problem wrapping the strip around them and tucking it into the crevices between teeth.

  • Mountain Man - Over priced and still behind times..

    When I saw the price of Visio I was totally stunt. Is Microsoft kidding or is this just a typo?! Really, is this software really worth over $500 while other superior packages are cheaper?

  • Joan - very easy to use.

    at first I wondered what would I get for my money.? well I'm happy to say I got what I wanted ...and it seems to work well..I must say though the instructions seem a bit thin on the ground as to what this gadget can actually do . I've discovered that it can record in a continuous loop or it seems to record for 30 seconds then stops and after approx 60 seconds starts up again and records for another 30 seconds ....etc etc .maybe use this when power off in vehicle and runs on batts only .

  • Erik F Goulding - I am puzzled by the immediate dislike for this album

    I am puzzled by the immediate dislike for this album. Is it Bleed American, or even Invented? No, but it's also a far sight better than Damage, and holds up pretty well against other middle-tier Jimmy Eat World albums released in the past fifteen years. Which is to say, it's a solid album with some very high points ("Sure and Certain" sounds like the kind of earworm I'm going to be whistling for the next six months), and a couple of B-sides that I probably won't skip when they come up on shuffle. If you've liked most of their discography, and are worried that this is the spiritual successor to "Damage," you don't need to worry. I'm happy with my eight buck purchase.