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  • Nancy Fox - It's a must buy for everyone!

    Just a great deck, with a great value. Good for starters and geeks and tournament go-ers. I bought one, then sold all the cards individually and made $200 (well, actually $192, but whatever) and bought another one for $50. So over all I got the deck, and made $150, so it's totally worth it.

  • Bradley Schneider - Great Time Saver

    Business in a Box is a great time saver when you are looking for sample forms, agreements, etc. My installation had a couple glitches, but when I contacted the company they quickly told me what to do and it has been good ever since. One thing to keep in mind is that these documents are samples and examples. You should expect to taken them verbatum and satisfy your need. I took one agreement that was over 20 pages and reduced it to 10 for my need. You may still want an attorney to doa final review, but you'll save a lot of money because you did the hard part. I would recommend it to any one needing a good source for basic business documents.

  • lizaliz86 - Amazing

    I use this stuff everyday without fail. I never had a proper under eye cream and I am SO glad I got this, it's a life saver! Any hangover/lack of sleep/in need of looking awake will be covered up with the Erase Paste.

  • Lily - Great Math Section

    The math section gave really good tricks. The vocab section was great with all the latin roots as well. However, the critical reading section was lacking.

  • Andrea Reyes - Amazing

    Super!! There are thousands of fun and exciting games on the Google play store for free and the youtube also has some great free VR and 3D videos.