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  • Binh Nguyen, DPM | Sports Medicine | The Tampa Podiatrist - In addition to sports medicine, Dr. Binh is interested in both the conservative and surgical management of common foot disorders
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  • Tampa Heel Pain Center | Tampa Podiatrist - Tampa Heel Pain Center provides you with latest treatments to cure your heel pain while avoiding surgery and harmful medications. This includes Cryozone plus and Regenerative Medicine.
  • Super Pulsed Laser for Pain | Breakthrough Pain Relief | Advanced Podiatry - Dr. Marc Katz uses Super Pulsed Laser for foot pain, it includes breakthrough pain relief and healing technology to avoid medications and surgery.
  • Shock Wave Therapy for Heel Pain | Shockwave EPAT Therapy | Advanced Podiatry - Shockwave or EPAT therapy is used for heel pain and other painful foot and ankle problems. Shockwave therapy stimulates tissue to encourage the body to start the normal tissue healing process. For Shockwave Therapy contact at Advanced Podiatry Tampa Today!
  • Keryflex Nail Restoration | Tampa Nail Restoration System | Advanced Podiatry - Keryflex Nail Restoration System offers an innovative cosmetic solution to onychomycosis. The Keryflex System is a product offering of Pod-ADvance, Inc. Pod-Advance uses high quality synthetic resins from Wilde Corporation of Germany.
  • Regenerative Medicine | Foot Ankle Knee Doctor | Tampa Podiatrist | Advanced Podiatry - Dr. Marc Katz is a leader in Regenerative Medicine in Tampa Bay for foot, ankle and Knee pain. He is one of the few podiatrists in the country that uses these amazing treatments.
  • Picking the Right Shoe | The Tampa Podiatrist - Dr. Jairo Cruz Jr. Discusses picking the right shoe for life in general and also for work because comfort and good arch support are very important.
  • Vitamin D Can Make You Healthy: Should you Take a Supplement? - Vitamin D helps to maintain a healthy human body. It aids in wound healing, bone health, immune functions, and even diabetes.
  • Jarrad Davis Suffers Ankle Sprain | The Tampa Podiatrist - The Gators lost Senior linebacker, Jarrad Davis, to a severe ankle sprain that may potentially leave him out for several weeks.
  • Marathon Training - Doing it right! | The Tampa Podiatrist - For a first time marathon runner eighteen weeks is a typical time frame for training and base building but six months is even better.
  • Melanomas of the Foot | The Tampa Podiatrist - Dr. Jairo Cruz Jr. talks about melanomas of the foot. a type of skin cancer on the foot, and what signs to look for along with treatment options.
  • Tampa Laser Toenail Fungus Restoration - Advanced podiatry provides you with the best laser toenail fungus treatment in Tampa. Call 813-875-0555
  • Foot Sports Injuries | Ankle Sprains | Running Shoe Anatomy | Tampa Podiatrist | Advanced Podiatry Tampa - Sports medicines are available at Advanced Podiatry Tampa, if you are suffering from any sport disease contact us today!
  • Bunion Deformity | Bunion Surgery | Tampa Podiatrist | Advanced Podiatry Tampa - Bunion Deformity is characterized by lateral deviation of the great toe, often erroneously described as an enlargement of bone or tissue around the joint at the head of the big toe.
  • Foot Neuroma Causes and Treatments - Foot neuroma is also known as Morton's neuroma and is a common cause of foot pain, burning, tingling, cramping and sharp pain into the toes. Call for relief
  • Tampa Ingrown Toenail Center | Podiatrist | Advanced Podiatry - At Advanced Podiatry in Tampa we use the latest techniques to permanently remove your ingrown toenails.

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