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  • Jay D. Anderson - A must have for all truck owners.

    This is the first thing I purchased once I took delivery of my new truck. These fit perfectly and do a great job of keep the mud off of your factory floor. These are simply to take out, wash off and put back in. Worth every penny.

  • Susan A. Callanan - Love it!!!

    I love cause it is like a mirror image so you know what notes and chords to hit. My finger work is getting better. You can slow it down and see where your making mistakes. I wish there was a rocksmith for folk or pop or country music!

  • rodwarrix - Very cheap! Works. Would buy if need for short period of time.

    I would still recommend this even thou it is really cheap. It's still easy to use and had me doing a good day time watch of my house and car. But at night it will just black out! The software did capture and motion detection worked over time which I liked because I saved all the motion pictures and was able to tell what was going on. I'd get this to start for a short period of time until I got a better cheap system that also gave out and then moved on to a Zmodo 8ch which is great! (The blacking out might not happen if in very well lite area! Must be bright!)

  • Leanne - It's a standard ledger. It says "easy to read" ...

    It's a standard ledger. It says "easy to read", but it's the same size lines as any other one. Same as the bank would give you

  • Amazon Customer - Not good for Mac & Pathetic customer service

    In the middle of online test ,"Next" button disappeared and you cannot proceed till your 3 hours are over. or u can abruptly close the window. Cust care suggested not to use Firefox or Safari, instead use Chrome. Which does not even display the home page. I came up with the solution. Attempt few question keep clearing you cache memory. Otherwise you r stuck.

  • Sarah Jean Seyfried - Love The Squirrelinator

    I have had my Squirrelinator since 2008, shortly after reading and article in the Fruit Gardener's November & December 2008 issue. We use our trap every spring and summer to lessen the seasons new population as well as year round for maintenance. We have never had a problem, nor do we feel that this is a cheap trap. It works wonders for us and keeps our garden and flowers plentiful all season. We have recommended this to our neighbors in the past who have also had great success with the trap. We will continue to recommend the Squirrelinator to anyone with a squirrel problem.

  • D. Jackson - Don't buy this electronic version

    What a waste of money, there should be a way to return a digital copy. All it has is some pictures and a couple sentences. No real description or details. The real book is a lot better.