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  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment - Treating dual diagnosis (or co-occurring disorders) is complicated; it’s recommended that both addiction and mental illness be treated simultaneously. In most
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  • Gambling Addiction - Gambling addiction consumes thousands every year, ripping out the hearts of gamblers, their friends, and their families. In many cases, addicts feel as though
  • Drug Detox - Searching for the right drug detox center is stressful and time consuming. If you are reading this, we understand that you or your loved one is spinning out of
  • Alcohol Detox - Finding the best alcohol detox center seems next to impossible. Alcoholism impacts thousands every year, devastating family-members and close friends of the
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  • Randy - Box size wasn't quite right for the kind of subs ...

    Box size wasn't quite right for the kind of subs I had. and I had two different kinds of speakers. So I had to make modifications to the box so they could fit

  • been there done that - Disappointed

    The book itself is good, however there are many online resources to interact with and as home schoolers we found it extremely difficult to access them. Holt McDougal sends you to the History Channel website where you are supposed to have an access code. When I tried to contact HMH online and by phone to try and utilize these resources, the email didn't work, phone connection hung up..and even after I got through the automated phone menu that said 'press 2 for access code', the person on the phone was confused by what I meant and hung up yet again. Content okay, but if you are trying to utilize all aspects of the curriculum it was very disappointing.

  • meme0524 - Pleased but highly pissed!!!!

    I was acosted by a Vivo rep in Honolulu last month. She was very persistent, I kept trying to walk away until she put some of the scrub on my arm. I listened to her sales pitch while she kept rubbing the product on my arm. Then she rinsed it off with "Holy Water from Jeruselem"....yeah right. Any way I was very impressed on how soft my skin felt. Then she put the peel under my eye and WOW!!! I was sold. So I bought the scrub, peel, moisterizer, body butter and a pumice stone, oh she gave me an extra stone & mud bar for free..all for $180.00. I have been using the products for about a month and I am very pleased. I thought I got a bargain until I found the same products on Amazon for about $60.00 That is why I am so pissed. She made a $120.00 profit off me and I am sure I am not the only one. Salespeople..deception...ugh! Lesson learned...buyer beware.

  • Candice Moody - I love this book!!

    I love all the information in this book. All the information is easy to find and is a great source to sell your work.

  • Surreptrixious - More fun to ridicule than to read

    While I enjoyed Twilight, I absolutely did not have the same connection to this book. The writing was juvenile and the characters were flat. We're not given a real reason to care about them other than that we're told to.

  • Anonymous - The cure!!!!!!!!!!

    Couldn't be more happy with this product!!!!! This is probably TMI, but I've been struggling with excessive discharge ever since puberty hit. I'm 27....However, I originally bought the product because I've been experiencing a strong "fishy" odor. It was getting worse and worse, and had been making me feel extremely self conscious when being intimate with my boyfriend. I also felt like everyone I sat next to, or even walked by, could smell the odor. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't afford to go to the doctor, as I am currently unemployed. So, I orders Rephresh Pro-B. Shortly after ordering it, and reading more and more information and reviews, I realized that I should've bought the Rephresh Gel. But, I figured what the heck, why not try it anyway. I was desperate. Well, what do ya know!! It's been about 5 days since I've been taking them, and the odor is COMPLETELY gone!!!! And bonus, I've had a lot less discharge than usual! I haven't felt this comfortable in a long time. If you're thinking about buying this product, do it! And if it doesn't work, you've only wasted $19. Which is probably nothing compared to what you already have, or might spend, trying to find a cure for yourself. It's absolutely worth it!!!!