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  • Natural4cgirl - Thicker Hair Strands/New Growth

    I started this vitamin 2 weeks ago. (I used Krazy gro 1st for 30 days). Hair strands are thicker I have measured length, but you can tell the new growth. My only issue is Niacin cause me flushing (its like what I imagine to be hot flash). FYI I did do a cleanse a few months before starting with the vitamins.

  • Libsy - Amazing natural product

    I am thrilled with the results from this product. Not only am I not on any prescription pain meds, but I have no pain at all after using half the bottle. I take one in the morning and one at night and I am 100% pain free anywhere in my body. I had a serious car accident 8 years ago and NOTHING has worked to relieve the pain caused by a broken vertebra. In addition I have some arthritis that was actually preventing me from exercising, and everyday activities. All of the ingredients in this product are time-tested and natural, which I prefer over meds. Non-habit forming and affordable. This product was recommended to me by a physical therapist who knew my aversion to prescription drugs. what is astounding to me is that I have only used it for a month and have such a remarkable result.

  • Eddie K - My kids and I love dancing to Ghostbusters

    Five stars just for Ghostbusters! My kids and I love dancing to Ghostbusters. They even included Slimer as part of the graphics- how cool is that. In the Love Boat theme, they actually have a boat sinking in the background - What's up with that! By the time the song is done the boat is fully submerged in the ocean. They should of had the Cruise ship in the background.