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  • cdstaggs - Disappointing

    Very disappointed. I was excited to try these bags since they had the portable vacuum, which would make my weekly packing easier. However, after trying all the bags only 3 of the 15 bags hold their seal. The others re-inflate in 30 minutes to a couple of hours. And, unfortunately not all of the bags have the valves to take advantage of the vacuum.

  • DGStan - Good Strategies

    I know this is anecdotal evidence, but my daughter's ACT score jumped 7 points after reading this book. She gave a lot of the credit to this book's test-taking strategies (as opposed to just throwing practice test after practice test at you).

  • Barb - I am ecstatic that I got this great deal on these tires

    I am ecstatic that I got this great deal on these tires! I had a set of 4 of these tires on my used 2005 Dodge Ram when I bought it. I put 70,000 MILES on those tires with ZERO issues. I figured they must have been super expensive, so when I was finally able to replace them, of course I wanted to get the exact same Goodyear Eagle tires. Everyone can't believe the awesome price I paid on Amazon. I have Prime so shipping was free and within 48 hours of placing the order. There was even an option to include installation at a local shop which I did. I'll never buy tires any other way! THANKS AMAZON!!

  • Emily Readsalot - So so. But i love an older man.

    I gave His Brat 4 out of 5 stars because it is an older man younger woman romance which are a personal favorite of mine. However the story is a bit short. There's very little character development and too much instalove. As far as the dark part of the romance it's too close to fifty shades. That being said Max was still mega hot. And the book was worth 99cents. Just don't expect an in-depth read or to love the heroine.

  • Jadia - It's good, but it is not beef jerky.

    This is different than beef jerky, but it is super good! Its chewier then jerky, which I didn’t know was possible. It’s slightly sweeter then jerky, which was unexpected and not my favorite thing, because I really like jerky and I was expecting something much more like that. It still tastes super good, just not the same as jerky. My boyfriend loved it though. He’s from England so they have some different meat products over there and a palate really different from the average American’s.

  • BeautynBooze - Works great

    This is my second scrub by aria star and it works great. I love to keep them in the shower. It is sensitive enough to use on my face and not irritate and harsh enough to be able to help get rid of the dry skin on the soles of my feet!