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  • John McConn - Motorola customer service is the worst

    Been having problems with the wireless dropping out since I purchased the modem 6 months ago. I have contacted customer service a half dozen times and all they want to do is change the channel and say its fixed. After resetting the modem the wireless starts dropping connections after about a week. My laptop, tablet, and phone all lose connection while everything plugged into the ethernet ports works fine. Customer service blames wireless congestion as the problem but all my other wireless work fine. currently I have a the wireless turned off and a Linksys router plugged into SBG6580.

  • Suburban Phila Family - Kills Coffee Makers

    The smell of the CLR never came out of our Zojirushi drip coffee maker after running many gallons of water through it. CLR's manufacturer (Jelmar) said that this only occurs in coffee makers with carbon water filters, only in rare cases. Meanwhile our Zojirushi doesn't have a water filter. Jelmar also said the CLR can react with certain metals/chemicals like Tephlon, and that this is a risk of use (meanwhile the label doesn't list any such precautions). Thus, I caution anyone from using CLR in any food or drink application since there is a chance of residual smell or a chemical reaction that could impact your food, and therefore you.

  • WeendySteewart - Okay

    We love Ghostbusters, so I ordered this for my 8 year old daughter. The book was just thrown in the box with my other purchases.. no plastic, no wrap, nothing. It had a big tear on the cover from not being protected with anything. Cool book.. disappointing shipping.

  • jNemes65 - things that make you go: "huuummmmmm"... all the other 5 star 🌟 reviews for this unit! Outstanding! I agree w/all the other 5 star 🌟 reviews...

  • BRENDA L. PEPPARD - Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar

    Four weeks ago I put a Seresto flea collar on my 13 year old Springer Spaniel. Within 30 minutes she started having seizures (she had never had a seizure in her life). I rushed her to the ER vet. Within 24 hours three different vets treated her. None of them could stop the seizures. After 24 hours of treatments, IV's, X-Rays and blood work she was getting worse and I had to tell the vet to put her out of her misery. Two weeks before, she had had her annual wellness exam; vaccines, blood work & examination. My vet said she was in good health for a dog her age. I have to admit the three emergency vets said they had never seen such a severe reaction to a flea collar, but none of them would say 100% the collar was not to blame. I did inform Bayer about this incident and the lady I spoke to said it would be investigated. Cricket was a sweet, gentle dog and I miss her dearly. Personally, I would never use any flea collar on my pets ever again. For some reason I cannot post my comments unless I click a star to rate the product. PLEASE DISREGARD MY STAR RATING, AS I WOULD GIVE THIS PRODUC T A MINUS 5 IF I HAD THAT OPTION.