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  • Lance A. Andrewsen - It really works great!

    This works AWESOME! I truly love it. My 'Vette has the best of both sounds now at the touch of a button. A friend of mine also bought one and got pulled over the other day as he turned a corner and downshifted--with the engine roaring. He was following a Camaro and as they both went around the corner a cop pulled him over. As he walked up to the car my friend hit the "mild" button. The cop said his engine exhaust was a little loud, didn't he think? My friend revved up the engine several times and said "No, I don't think so. Does this seem too loud?" The cop wrinkled his brow and said "Nevermind. It must have been the Camaro in front of you. Have a nice day." Too funny! These things really work!

  • Shonna Terrill - Warp Tour Compilation Review

    My daughter loved the gift and it was on time and had not issues getting it delivered.Highly recommend item to Warp tour fans

  • Andrea - Sarah has almost completely lost the plot

    I'd like to know the reason for Sarah McLachlan releasing another Christmas album. Is it because she loves Christmas as she claims or is it because her record company pressured her to release a new album? Whatever the reason, "Wonderland" falls short of her last seasonal album. "Wintersong" was a quiet and introspective album with modest arrangements and unique song selections. The new album is simply more of the same from an artist who lost her creativity with "Surfacing". It's mostly the typical middle-of-the-road adult contemporary she's been churning out for 20 years. That said, there are some excellent tracks. My favourite is "Huron Carol". The drum arrangement makes the song great. Another favourite is "O Holy Night". As much as I like that track it's a shame she didn't use that song to show off her wonderful vocal range.

  • Amazon Customer - Very disappointed. Good thing my 19 month old and differentiate ...

    This book was upside down and backwards. When I opened it I was shocked. It appeared normal on the outside but on the inside the pages were upside down smh. Very disappointed. Good thing my 19 month old and differentiate the difference. Haha.

  • Asondra - used for cradle cap

    I was told by my 4 month old pediatrician to use selsun blue on my baby's cradle cap. it worked perfectly, the dry skin just wiped off. obviously you have to be careful not to get it in the babies eyes but it did work great!

  • Angela - I found this product to work when you exercise. ...

    I found this product to work when you exercise. I lost 4 pounds in 8 days . I started working out 4 days a week for 30 minutes. This product helps to curve you appetite. The only reason I stopped taking this product is because I ended up getting food poisoning.I also stop working out after I got sick . I plan to start working out again and taking the pill .

  • T. Cunningham - More Energy to Burn Calories without the Side Effects

    I have been taking this for the last month and this supplement has really lived up to its claims. I have had more improved energy than usual with no jittery side effects. This raises my metabolism so I am able to burn more calories than normal. Instead of converting food into fat it helps convert it into energy causing me to burn more fat when exercising. It also helps regulate my appetite to where I am not eating as much and even full before finishing my plate. This makes me less hungry in between meals as well. This is a good product if you are trying to lose weight and combine it with a great exercise program. It will help you burn more fat faster because it helps store it into energy. This is one of the safest supplements to take because there are no side effects after taking it. It is an effective way to help you lose weight and burn fat.