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  • Dear Mommy - No Magic Here!!!!

    I'd give this no stars if I could. It's a joke. If you do lose weight it's due to the lifestyle changes they encourage and not the products. Do NOT spend $200 on something you can do yourself!! There is no magic to weight loss, it takes hard work!!!

  • Cynthia Aldridge - Not very useful. Maybe useful to find keys in your house

    If you put this in your wallet in your purse, there is NO WAY you will hear it unless you are in a soundproof booth. Not very useful. Maybe useful to find keys in your house, if your house is 300 sq. ft. and a soundproof booth.

  • Amazon Customer - Worth it for the lower price.

    Easy installation. Nice new / fast SmartHub. Using on a 46" 8000 series. Not positive if I'd pay over the $99.00 I paid.

  • Sandra Doane - Well organized text. The examples were clear and the ...

    Well organized text. The examples were clear and the directions on how to proceed well written. I received a code with the text, but I had a hard time getting the on-line information to work with the text. For whatever reason, the on-line code wanted me to enroll with a class - however, I was using the text to self-teach. I did not have an instructor-led class. Again, the on-line code did not provide any real help, but the text really does walk you through the steps for Office 2013.

  • London Scott Vickers - Love them. Not many other rav4s have them equipped

    Love them. Not many other rav4s have them equipped, or at least ones that I have seen. If you look at the car from the rear it looks much different and gives it a very sporty look. Also it does keep excess dirt from getting on to the side skirts which is it's intended purpose. Makes my LE look not so basic. Also they are quick and easy to install. It only took a friend and I around 15 minutes to do it.

  • M. Marquez - Love my new Pink Ray Ban!

    Althought the description of this sunglasses reads "Red Lens" they are rose or pink. 5 star for the best customer service ever. I was looking for this sunglasses for a long time and not only Gaffos's had them, but they help me get them before my Xmas trip. I was afraid I was not going to get them on time, so I contacted the seller to see if I should pay extra for the rush. Not only they they answer super fast, but they expedite the package at no additional charge... I got them just in time as promise. Love my Ray Ban with Gold Frame/Rose lens... and the best part is the case: RED!