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  • Suzy - Fun yet short

    My son really wanted this game after seeing the Jurassic World movie. We are big fans of the "Lego" line of video games. He really enjoyed playing this game, and especially when he was able to be the dinosaurs. Just wished that there were more levels for him to do, honestly he beat this game in about 3 days, and it's not like he played for hours on end just a few here and there. We did like how much the game had in common with the movie itself. Overall this a great game for kids.

  • ezzy78 - best value!

    i am not an expert on bicycles but i know that i can pedal this bmx bike up hills that people have to walk bikes with multiple gears. the frame is light. the parts are durable. the only cons are the seat and the brake pads.

  • Dannss - Very pleased after just 4 days!

    I applied to my rear deck per the instructions. Since many reviews indicated that it took months to remove the mildew, I decided to take before and after pictures, but forgot to take the before pix. I took the 'before' pictures the next day. I thought it looked better, but I figured it was wishful thinking. Well it's been 4 days and the mildew is mostly gone. So it has exceeded my expectations. I do not know why mine is going quickly and others takes months. Now I'm hoping it will last for quite a while.

  • Rebecca J. - I liked this keyboard

    I liked this keyboard, but some of the keys stopped responding properly (switch chattering - it would either not work at all, or give me duplicate characters) after only a few months of use and I haven't yet had the time or motivation to mess around with it to try and fix it. My much cheaper Logitech keyboard has had zero issues for more than a year now, so I just switched them out and I'm using the Logitech instead. Overall, I was disappointed in the quality of this product versus its cost.

  • Purl Cook - As wonderful as it sounds magic pills don't work

    As wonderful as it sounds magic pills don't work. Disappointing experience. More disappointing is the nonstop pushing to become a seller and recruit more magic bean seekers. Unless you enjoy wasting money, don't bother.

  • Pete - Good reception!

    I love the reception on this bluetooth headset. It's very clear. I can hear others perfectly and they can hear me equally as well. The negatives are that the back of the ear hook is so big that I can't wear any glasses or sunglasses with it. That is a huge negative for me. I've decided to keep it but will never purchase another headset that is so big/bulky again. I have small ear lobes which may play a factor into the fit for me. If you have small ear lobes and wear glasses then I would suggest you look elsewhere but if that is not a problem then I would recommend the Plantronics Voyager Legend. It's crisp and clear with 7 hours of talk time.

  • Amazon Customer - Pain-free spray painting.

    I have rheumatoid arthritis and it especially affects my hands, making spray painting even small objects very painful. This product made refinishing old patio furniture a breeze. It fit the cans well and I never felt that it might slip off, and it allows for better control of the paint. I would definitely purchase again.