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  • D. Jenkins - Very Good Gateway Modem/Router

    I purchased this unit to replace a Linksys WRT160 (which worked well for me as well) and to return the Motorola S85100 modem I have been "renting" from Comcast for the past 7 years! Basically, with so many wireless devices, it was time to upgrade to a Dual-band router, and increase the modem speed by moving up to DOCSIS 3.0. Overall, I am very pleased with this unit, though there are a few things to consider:

  • Mudd - Great, but need 2 microfiber cloths for best result

    I got this Stoner Invisible Glass cleaner at my local store for about 4.50 or so. When I first used it on my car's windshield, I get some faint residual haze or streak. This is most evident when I turned the A/C on for a while and then turned it off. My reasoning (I could be wrong) is that there is still a faint layer that attracts the condensation from the A/C and this created a light haze. I decided to re-clean my windshield again by applying the Stoner Glass cleaner, then wipe it off with a microfiber cloth as normal. But then I add an extra step by getting another clean and dry microfiber cloth and wipe the windshield again, trying to wipe off any residual layer. I think this extra step gives the best results for me. I clean my windshield bi-weekly because I park outside, and I get about half-a-year of use from one 19oz can.

  • Dennis Daly - Look No Farther

    Sleek looking, silver buttons look classy and work perfectly and easily. Cutouts fit perfectly and slightly rubberized feelkeeps it from slipping without catching on the fabric of your pocket material. It seems like it must protect your phone from drops because it also comes with a second rubber case that surrounds and cradles your phone inside the plastic case. It seems easier to put that on your phone first, then the plastic case.

  • K.M. - So far it's great!!! No issues!!! Loveit!!!

    I purchased this on Kickstarter. The first few nights took some adjustment as I have a bad back. After the first few nights though I haven't had any issues since we started using this since probably mid December. My old mattress was a memory foam by Anatomic Global that we paid too much for looking back now. It is about 2 or 3 years old but it seemed like it was already starting to "bounce back" less than when we first bought it. It also held body heat too much. It wasn't uncommon to be throwing the covers off in the middle of the night due to being too hot. My back would also be stiff and hurting when I would first get out of bed. Now with this bed by Purple my wife and I don't get hot and my back doesn't hurt like it did with the old mattress. I'm not saying that my back doesn't ever hurt in the mornings anymore, it's just a lot less with this new mattress. I also don't wake up as much I used to with the old mattress, which was usually due to my back hurting. I don't know how it will hold up over time, but so far this is a big upgrade over the old mattress for a lot less money. I don't know if a mattress heating pad can be used on it because of the polymer top but, it hasn't been cold enough that I've needed it yet either. Time will tell how it will hold up. If your debating about buying one my advice would be to buy it.

  • Meghan Radavich - Loved every page!

    What can I say but I loved this book. I'm not very good at writing reviews so please bear with me. I've read every single book written by Ms. Harris and this didn't disappoint. It was well thought out with the very wide twists the plot took, all of the scenarios were plausible and characters were very genuine. I loved the good characters and despised the bad ones. Extremely happy with this book and highly by recommend to read! It won't disappoint you. Thank you Ms. Harris for another fab read. Keep them coming!

  • Amazon Customer - PC Matic, The best out there!

    I have had this product for 2 years now, it does a great job and I like the fact it will schedule a full run and remind and update you. I like that there based in the U.S. where as most others are not! Great product....

  • Kris - Rip Off!!!

    Don't waste your money folks. There's nothing special about this stuff. all it is, is Benydryl (Diphenhydramine). That's it. You can get a generic version of this stuff for about half the price you would pay for this brand name rip off, and get the same results.