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  • T. Donaldson - Has more on it that some adult smartwatches, endless fun for kids!

    This thing has almost more on it than my Apple Watch, for 1/10 the price! My daughter never even had to read how to use it, she picked it up right away! The camera is lots of fun, it's easy to back up to my Mac. I'd give this 5 stars, but VTech's website suffered a cyber attack in November, and they still only have a notice about that up on their site, so we haven't been able to connect the watch to the website for additional games, etc.

  • Dusthan - This is the vacuum I've been looking for

    For years I have been searching for the perfect "every day" vacuum. I have a Dyson that is great for weekly cleaning and heavy-duty jobs, but it seemed like overkill for the everyday stuff. We have a tile kitchen floor and lots of hardwood, plus a couple of area rugs here and there. With two kids and a dog, it has been a constant battle trying to keep up with the dog hair, the dust bunnies and the dirt that gets clomped out of baseball cleats near the kitchen door. I have a Swiffer, 2 different Roombas, a Shark, and a Hoover Flair, all of which I really love for different reasons, but they all fell short of being THE vacuum for me for constant use. I have a very bad back and two bad knees, so anything requiring me to bend over (cords), place back on a charger, unplug, get on the floor to empty, etc. was pretty hard on me. I'm embarrassed to say, it often just didn't get done and we frequently just lived with dust bunnies until I would get disgusted and do it the old fashioned way, with a broom and dustpan.

  • ktuekert - KinderBike is GREAT

    This bike delivers everything it says it would. The construction is sturdy and solid. The bike requires very little assembly. All you add is your child and time for training.