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City: -96.8217 Texas, United States

  • keith - Biltong Flavored jerky bits.

    I really enjoy biltong South-African sorta beef jerky. However it normally has a higher moisture content than beef jerky and is made in large pieces, not usually smaller than an index card. Brooklyn Biltong got the taste pretty spot on, Vinegar and coriander being the most traditional seasonings needed outside of salt. Where they do deliver a basic biltong taste this product is extra dry. To the degree that it crumbles when you go to eat it. and the pieces are small. 1cm*1/2cm*6cm apx. Both of these factors mixed with the price / actually having shipping charges means I won't get this again. This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.

  • L.Barc - Inexpensive checkbook register.

    I use a lot of checkbook registers because I use my debit card a lot. These checkbook registers are really inexpensive and getting a few at a time means I won't run out. Before I was always going to the bank to get the free ones but it's hard for me to get to a bank because it is always closed when I get out of work. So, getting them through the mail works out better for me and it is one less errand I have to do.