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  • B. Thacker - Lost Feature

    We have used Publisher for years in our office. I purchased this version as an update on Windows 8. The main reason I use Publisher is to convert our newsletters and bulletins into .html format for use on web. That feature is no longer available since Publisher 2010 as I found out. If you want to convert find something else.

  • DS V - Amazing protein powder, so much better than others!

    This stuff has been awesome. We have used this whey product for about 3 to 4 years now. It is really great when you're trying to just have some protein when you're watching your weight, or if you're trying to get a bit extra for building some muscle. We tried this new flavor a couple months ago, and even though we loved the stuff before, this stuff even surpasses that in deliciousness. I had trouble drinking protein shakes until we found this brand. This brand is tasty and does not clump up like others. We drink it with water and never have any clumping issues. Even in milk, it is still much better than many other brands we've tried.

  • Fitaly - Quick shipping but takes time to see a difference

    So I decided to look into some products to help brighten my face and help me look and feel more rejuvenated. I have worked some very odd hours over the past few years and tack on the sleeplessness that comes along with a baby, I noticed that I started to get some serious under eye dark circles. It has gotten to the point that I was afraid to wear a lot of makeups because for some reason instead of masking the zombie sleeplessness look, they seem to highlight it. I am no makeup expert so I am sure there are many products that can do just that--but I don't have them and I am not someone who wears a lot of makeup regularly. Therefore, I decided it might be time to look into some moisturizes and creams to bring vitality back into my face.

  • Smmarkle - Super cool

    So enjoy this cup! I use it for my morning smoothies to take to work. The straw works great! Keeps my smoothie super chill till it is gone. I have used for ice tea as well. Keeps that nice and cold for as long as I have it in my cup. Would recommend for anyone wanting to keep your drink nice and cold!

  • Edwin D. Ricketts - Good Publisher

    It was for someone else but they love it. I like the product. It does what it says, arrived in good condition and able to use it for my purposed.

  • Bobby Mays - Don't buy it!

    I was very disappointed the way it cooks. Only a 5" center section gets hot and the rest is cold. I went out and bought a stainless steel cooking pan just for cooking on the NuWave. Sorry I ever bought the NuWave. It was no way near as good as the commercial.

  • Reluctant 1 - It doesn't look as good as the picture you see.

    The cargo cover looked like very cheap vinyl that would tear like a sheet of aluminum foil. I had a cargo cover on my 2009 Mercury Mariner that was luxurious compared to this cover. I promptly returned it to the seller.