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  • http://westwooddentalsmiles.com/our-services/the-painless-needle/ Dental Wand California | Westwood Dental Smiles - Enhance patient comfort with the painless needle called Dental Wand. Call 310-961-4326 for advanced solution to minimize discomfort in dental operations.
  • http://westwooddentalsmiles.com/all-on-4-dental-implants/ All on Four Implant | Westwood Dental Smiles - All on 4 dental implants offers a permanent solution to missing teeth. Call 310-961-4326 at Westwood Dental Smiles in Los Angeles, CA to make an appointment!
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  • http://westwooddentalsmiles.com/our-services/dental-implants/ Dental Implants California | Westwood Dental Smiles - Get your missing tooth replaced with dental implant treatments! Call 310-961-4326 for dental implants in Westwood Dental Smiles in Los Angeles, CA
  • http://westwooddentalsmiles.com/our-services/microscope-assisted-root-canals/ Microscope-Assisted Root Canal | Westwood Dental Smiles - Stop pain and infection with microscope-assisted root canal treatment. Call 310-961-4326 only at Westwood Dental Smiles in California.
  • http://westwooddentalsmiles.com/our-services/diagnodent-and-sopro-camera/ Diagnodent & Soprolife Camera | Westwood Dental Smile - Technology like diagnodent, intraoral and soprolife camera are transforming the way we perform dental test. Call 310-961-4326 at Westwood Dental Smile.
  • http://westwooddentalsmiles.com/our-services/digital-x-rays-and-diagnodent-scanner/ Digital Dental X-Ray | Westwood Dental Smiles - We use digital dental x rays that has less radiation and more comprehensive dental images. Call 310-961-4326 Westwood Dental Smiles in California.
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  • DellaClaire - Great, as always

    I love the Virgil Flowers books. This one was so very good! Great story, a nice amount of humor, and very well written. Highly recommend!

  • Sheri Cooper - Did not work at all...

    I normally love Olay products but this didn't work for me. I followed the directions exactly and I was very disappointed.

  • bounty - Not the product for me!

    I have heard great things about Zija and the Smart Mix formula from both my neighbors and co-workers. I tried a 32 day supply of the Smart Mix and did not notice much of a difference. I did not experience this amazing weight loss that others raved about, nor did I have increased energy. The only positive result was that my appetite was suppressed for a few hours after drinking it. The taste was horrible for me, it took an hour to drink the entire packet and for me it wasn't worth the money and the results were minimal. I gave this three stars because I have seen it work wonders for other people and those that sell the product truly believe in the company, the nutritional history of the plant, and they have amazing results. This was just not the product for me!

  • Elena - It's not you. It's me.

    I have used Bare Minerals for about 8 years and I have to say, it's time to give it up. I first purchased this foundation when I was 24. I was in love! It has good coverage (sheer to full depending on application) and good lasting power (has lasted at the gym and club). My complexion was flawless! It was really quick and easy to apply, although it was a little messy with the sifter and lid, etc. The reason I have decided to abandon it after so many years is because as I have aged, I have acquired a few fine lines, and BE foundation emphasizes this. It is also pretty poor at covering dark circles (again, it sinks into fine lines when you apply enough and doesn't cover if you apply too little). I seriously started thinking about switching when fine lines would show up only when I was wearing this foundation. My skin has always been dry but now I feel I need a more moisturizing foundation to prevent dullness. The shimmer in the BE foundation was increasingly starting to look ashy or chalky more frequently than radiant. It might sound silly, but I almost feel I'm ending a meaningful relationship. We were so good together for so many years, but it just isn't working anymore. I am sorry to have to move on.

  • Woman - No stars!

    WORST TAMPONS EVER! Totally uncomfortable, leaked everywhere and kept falling out! I'm sticking to my Diva Cup from now on.