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  • Tess P - Performed a miracle on my front loading washing machine

    My front loading washing machine was a problem. Clothes came out stinky. Put vinegar in it to be 'natural'. Got mad, and put bleach in it. Still didn't work. Was at appliance store recently and asked the guy for advice. He gave me a starter bag of these (I bought a different appliance) to try. Love it! Use it now every month ~ set a reminder. And my linens, towels, t-shirts. Everything smells good again. Did not think I'd ever had clothes that smelled right again (and pulled me off edge of swearing to never, ever have another front loading washer again) but just changed the sheets/duvets on all the beds and walked into each bedroom to a wonderful fresh smelling room! It was just then that I realized my washing machine was finally fixed!

  • Amazon Customer - These shoes are great, I live in South Dakota so I wanted ...

    These shoes are great, I live in South Dakota so I wanted something I could wear during our typically long, snowy winter...perfect. I haven't worn another shoe since I got these and I probably won't until about May. I have special insoles that I wear so I can't speak to the comfort of the shoe the way they come out of the box, but these are very comfortable and not every shoe is even with my insoles so I have to think they are pretty good the way they come. Very well constructed and they look pretty cool too. I've got a Harley and these should work pretty good on the bike as well. Very satisfied with these and the other 2 pair of Merrells I own.

  • Don Wilson - Worth the trouble to find and buy

    This excellent product is worth the extra expense. My first use of this product, replacing mildewed caulk in a bathroom shower, went perfectly. Only time will tell if it does a better job of resisting mildew than other cheaper and more available bathroom caulks. Certainly, after a month, there is no sign of any discoloration. I purchased this from the Amazon Marketplace because a lack of availability locally.

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    If you are like me and have a dead personality and live your life around worthless possions. I would highly recommend this to you are like me, trust me money buys happiness (just ask me about me diamond about my diamond water filter. Now once I find those friends I've been looking for I will show this off to them

  • Kadee - This concealer works better for me that any others

    This concealer works better for me that any others, it works great for covering my dark circles. I've tried so many the last few years and this one is the best for me. It takes a little practice applying it, otherwise it can be tough to blend but I got this tip from Birchbox and it works great. If you "cook" your concealer. By "cooking" I mean after applying foundation, you use your ring finger and pat it on and leave it- don't blend just let it sit under eyes for 7-15 minutes while you do your hair or brows something. Then gently pat with ring finger until blended into the skin and I like to set mine with a blotting powder and then a fine all over dusting of Hello Flawless powder. and it looks great.

  • Christopher Geannakopoulos - I am extremely pleased to have used this product

    After much research online, I gave this product a try. My car was throwing a P0430 code, and an additional shadow code. Nissan told me my 2002 Pathfinder with 124k miles needed a new cat for the price of $1300+. Obviously, I laughed and went the alternative route. The P0430 code was only on for about a month, and it was sort of intermittent, so I felt that the parameter of "below threshold" to me meant the cat was still working, but just slightly under "code". Nonetheless, I tried this product, and after about 300 miles, the light went off. It has been over 1200 miles since, and the light has not returned. In that time, I was able to get my car inspected to avoid that whole mess. For this, I am extremely pleased to have used this product.