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  • Christine Calvin - FAKE, FAKE, FAKE, FAKE, FAKE - Do not buy!!!

    Do NOT buy, these are FAKE. I wish I had noticed the other reviews or that these were being shipped from China (which I did not know until I saw the shipping details). I just went to a sporting goods store and picked up 2 'real' Yetis. The ones I received from OuSiMan do not compare in terms of performance. They look pretty good to the eye, but when you put ice in them, you notice they in no way are real Yetis. The tumbler becomes cold to the touch on the outside and is almost starting to sweat. A real Yeti does not. After only 2 hours, you can see the ice in the fake one is beginning to melt where in the real one they look as they did from the onset. You can tell the fake is not holding in the cold just by the way it feels on the outside. Sadly, these fakes are so well done it really is hard to tell until you put it to the test. BUYER BEWARE!

  • Ruthie Ann - The real helper when needed

    Since I started this task and was going to school only to find out at over 60 on fixed income , recent widow , need to earn $ to survive and school far to expensive and do not want loans at my age , well finding this and starting self study this text fit the bill and so well done , thank you , I am on my way now to working again..!

  • Sandy Axelrod - Nzuri grew my 2 daughters' hair

    Hi I am an African American lady who took my two daughters natural. We did the big chop and cut all of the relaxer out of their hair early last year. Well just like all little girls my daughters too wanted longer hair. We followed the Nzuri Grow Your Own Hair campaign to the T. I am proud to say that one year later, I just flat ironed my daughters hair. Both of them have past shoulder length hair all the way from less than 1 inch! Please whatever you do do not stop making this product. We also make great smoothies with it too! Sometimes I wish it worked faster, especially given my little girls's natural lack of patience, but please note I say this just out of a Mom's desire for her daughters, I am not knocking the results.

  • P. Rubingh - ceramics book

    The book itself is informative but not all that captivating. Other than that the item was brand new and arrived in fabulous condition in a short amount of time. I was very happy with the sender.

  • Mira - Cheaper brands worked quicker!

    I'm giving two stars instead of just one because this brand was my favorite with our first pregnancy two years ago. Perhaps it's the new design or I purchased a couple bad batches but Clear Blue, Easy@Home, and even the Dollar Tree tests all gave positive results days before First Response gave just a light pink line. Unfortunately, I can't recommend this product.

  • AWDTerror - Great case!

    Fits and works great. Edges provided extra grip and plenty of protection, and the squared off edges give a unique look not offered by other case. The clear back is fairly scratch resistant as well.

  • Robin P. - 2016 Hellcat

    My previous auto was a C6 Z06 which is a true American sports car. My wife and I felt like trying a muscle car this time so we went with the Hellcat. It's a little quicker than the Z06 but not as fast on the top end. But that's okay, it is loads of fun and handles great for a muscle car. Anyone that says it's only good in a straight line hasn't driven one.