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  • WideShut Webcast | - Keelan Balderson's WideShut Webcast, bringing you unfettered discussion on current affairs, politics, conspiracy, and all things interesting.
  • BBC's Anti-Corbyn Bias 'Extraordinary', Says Ex-Trust Chairman | - Sir Michael Lyons says recent BBC "attacks" on Corbyn are "quite extraordinary," while Kuenssberg gets attacked herself.
  • Conspiracy Theorists Are Just Stressed Says Professor | - New study links believing in conspiracy theories with mental stress, but not much else.
  • Michel Platini and his hopes of returning to UEFA for Euro 2016 | - In December, Michel Platini was banned from all football-related activities for eight years for making a a “disloyal payment.”
  • How The Government Influences Hollywood, With Tom Secker | - Tom Secker makes his long awaited return to the WideShut Webcast to discuss his research in to the state sponsorship of entertainment.
  • Jesse Hughes Apologises For Suggesting Bataclan Theatre Security Had Knowledge of Terror Attack | - Eagles of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes retracts claims that security knew about Bataclan attacks, as theatre owners brand him insane.
  • War & Terrorism | - A critical analysis of the West's War on Terror, and other terrorism related history and news.
  • Paris Attacks: Band Frontman Suggests 'Missing' Security Had Prior Knowledge | - Eagles of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes says Bataclan theatre security never showed up the night of the terrorist massacre.
  • The Hypocrisy of Accusing Actress For False Assault Claim | - A man was charged with the sexual assault of an actress with no evidence, now a blogger has named the actress ... with no evidence.
  • Addendum: Virginia Shooting Hoax Theories DEBUNKED - YouTube - - Explaining why we don't see shell casings ejected and why Alison Parker doesn't appear...
  • Paris Attacks: Islam or Western Foreign Policy? - YouTube - Why the actions of ISIS and their ties to Western foreign policy, mean the Paris Attacks can't be brushed off as an Islam or "all Muslims" issue - http://wid...

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  • Amazon Customer - Love the characters

    Love the characters, and the rawness of this show! I was immediately addicted. So far, season 7 is off to a good start!

  • B. Flam - Good Software

    Exactly what i needed for my business. However, it should be included in the Microsoft Office package because it is used a lot in many home offices.

  • Dusten Williams - Spigen Fans: Don't expect to be impressed.

    I'm really surprised to see the good reviews on this product. As a 4 time owner of Spigen cases, i've come to expect *much* higher quality than this. Although, if you are looking for a cheap phone case that tries to do everything, I suppose you could do worse....

  • Dee Her - But my sister tried it and she didn't like it. She complained about runs to the bathroom

    First off, I have not tried the pills yet so I'll give an update when I do. But my sister tried it and she didn't like it. She complained about runs to the bathroom, curbing her appetite, and messing up her taste buds... and that EVEN WATER tasted weird so she stopped.