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  • Sportsman2 - Top Seller for a reason. GREAT product

    I bought this product to take pictures while walking on the sea bed at 30 feet down. I tested, as they stated, with tissue paper and all worked well. Then I took the leap of faith and put my phone in the bag and went to the sea bed for a Sea Trek in Grand Cayman. The pressure at that depth means you cannot use the normal buttons so I had to use the volume buttons to take pictures. That meant squeezing the bag slightly to take pictures. This worried me BUT absolutely NO ISSUES with this wonderful product. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

  • Harry Evans - ***Great tool for the job***

    I like doing woodworking - whether it is refinishing old furinture,building new shelves or barn doors. The K4 is a must have tool for anyone's work shop. I was building a wooden swinging door for my small barn and the K4 made the job so much easier and faster. The door is secured good and strong with the pocket screws. The K4 is easy to use, easy to set up or store. I had a small pocket screw kit I was using but since I purchased the K4 - I leave the other one in the tool box.

  • nelson - great

    I love my purchase, I found what I was looking for, the item was the same as the description. Delivery time, communication, item features, and dimensions, everything was awesome thankssssssss

  • JonGP3 - Good Product works great...

    This product so far has done everything it described. I was first turned onto this product when it was advertised at a Honda Dealership when purchasing a car for my fiance. They had us spray paint a brand new car in the showroom and we went for a test drive, after we were asked to remove the spray paint with just a towel and some compound, it came off fairly easily. Being a skeptic I was sure that the paint they used was not real. They proceeded to give me the whole story about what it does and that it would be $30 per month added to the payment, but that included lifetime dent repair and reapplication of the product. Having already googled it on my phone during his speech I said no thank you and placed an order online for $80 shipped.

  • 7709 - Can you say MAGIC IN A JAR?

    It works miraculously on all kinds of pain. It is great for arthritis and back, muscle and any kind of pain. I've used it for years and always try to have a supply handy.

  • Puntermom - Beautiful birthday Barbie for that beautiful little girl

    Ordered this for my granddaughter for her upcoming birthday in October. Amazon was running a great price on this item, so I couldn't resist. It comes in a nice box that states "2016 Birthday Wishes for a Special Birthday Girl". I, of course, did not take her out of the box, because she's to be a birthday present. However, she's gorgeous. I ordered the blonde, but it appears that a light brunette and dark brunette are available as well. My granddaughter is a blonde, so I had to order this one. Like I said, she's gorgeous with curled hair, a very detailed pink gown, and she even comes with a display stand for your little girl to display in her room. If you are looking for a birthday present for that special little girl, I don't think you can go wrong with this barbie. She'll love it!

  • Leslie J - This stuff actually works

    I started using this about 2 years ago when I noticed lines that I should not have in my late thirty's. I use it religiously every night before bed and within a couple months I noticed results. I am skeptical of everything and research things before I buy... If that is what you are doing... I can tell you this is a good product. A bottle lasts me several months. Very pleased.