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  • Sachie - Just like the Lionesse product

    I bought a similar product from a Lionesse kiosk in the mall for about $150.00 - and this product did the exact same thing! Just like the Lionesse product, I could see the dead skin coming off of my face. After I use this product, my face glows and feels so much softer. My moisturizer is also absorbed into my skin, instead of just sitting on it because the dead skin doesn't allow it to penetrate as well. I'm buying this product for all my girlfriends this Christmas!

  • A. Clinard - Is there justice?

    Scott Pratt has created a story that forces us to take a long look at our legal system. People in positions of authority should be honest and people of great integrity. We trust in this to make our legal system work. When there is an individual who uses that power for revenge and the rush he/she receives, justice ceases to exist. Is there still hope when this occurs? Is it possible for justice to eventually be done? These questions along with a look at our prisons are taken on in this novel. Scott Pratt has created a moving and thought provoking work.

  • pucca loves garu - love the taste

    smooth and relaxing. not as bitter as normal brews would be. will definitely purchase again. a good variation to my daily cup!

  • pamela J. Bernhardt - Great as always

    It took me three tries to find this product. It is all that I was expecting. Expensive but wonderful. I would buy again.

  • Michael S. Potts - Can't Put it down mystery.

    This was a great book and I really couldn't put it down. I don't say this about many books but it had a lot of twists and turns and action in it. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think anyone picking it up to read will feel the same once they have it in their hands.

  • OriginalCatlady - Great company.

    I always buy my albums from the Cornerstone company. They have the best layouts and informational inserts for coin collecting.

  • Jerald Franklin - Work just like any other planner

    Work just like any other planner. The price is great for what you get haven't had any issues with it. The planner is heavy show you should find a place to put it and not try to move it around a lot.