Associação Comercial de Braga | Associação Comercial de Braga - Promotora do desenvolvimento empresarial. A nossa missão é reforçar a representatividade das empresas associadas, enriquecer e dinamizar a sua atividade e de toda a sua envolvente empresarial, fomentando a interação entre os diversos setores económicos regionais e nacionais.

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  • J. R. Parsons Jr. - Love the game, but the DRM is broken

    The DRM on this game makes it a very frustrating gaming experience. A quick check of the torrent sites shows that it's already been cracked, so the only people who are suffering from the DRM are the legitimate customers.

  • Sheila Collins - Fabulous HR Resource

    What a great contribution! This resource will prove to be invaluable to managers with HR responsibilities, business owners, and HR professionals alike. It hits just the right note. While it is substantive and technically sound, it includes only the most useful material and avoids technical jargon. The book is easily navigable; it is a breeze to find the answers to everyday HR questions. Anyone who manages people in today's organization could benefit from keeping this book handy. Since receiving and reading the book, I keep it on my desk. As an HR consultant, I recommend it to my clients to support their work and enrich their understanding of HR.

  • Rebecca - worth the money

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