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  • Yolanda L. Moran - My students also did not like the Spring Geometry student edition

    I ha to use this book this summer . The geometry concepts are not clear an unorganized. I had instead to make my lessons from Big ideas.

  • Limequeen - SlimQuick

    Once you start program, you are taking up to 6 tablets a day. A bottle of 72 doesn't last long. The 6 a day pretty much turned me off.

  • Stephanie - Wouldnt get it again.

    I've used this brand in the past but this particular bottle made me feel awful. I felt like I'd taken 2 or 3 times the normal dosage. I didn't just feel like I had more energy, I also got shaky and experienced some really horrible headaches.

  • K.T. - Also Disappointed in Season 5

    I agree with everyone else---Season 5 has been disappointing. I can't believe nobody has said anything about that episode "The Contract." Talk about unbelievable...a high-school video game addict basically selling his soul to the devil for good grades, popularity and all its spoils. Really? Really??!! So similar to a movie plot it's laughable. I found the college girls in Savannah more plausible than that one.

  • Melanie Speights - Simple and Effective!

    I was incredibly skeptical but I was willing to try anything rather than having to rip out a tile, baseboard and chance having to replace more than 1. We have wood grain tile (36inches in length with a 1/8 inch grout line). We had to put duct tape on the floor and injected the material through the duct tape but that was just because the grout line was so small. IT WORKED! We followed the directed indicated in the video. I actually went around looking for more tiles (we did 2000 sq ft) that were hollow just because it was so easy to use.