Addicted To Sobriety - Addicted to Sobriety is a website about <strong>drug and alcohol dependency, written by a family who has an addict as one of its most beloved members.

  • Addicted to Sobriety - Addicted to Sobriety is the place I share personal experiences and helpful information about drug addiction and alcoholism. Visit us today!
  • Table of Contents for Addicted to Sobriety - The Table of Contents at our Addicted To Sobriety website lists all of the pages on our site, including links to articles about drug addiction, alcohol abuse, how to stop drinking and much more.
  • About Me: A Young Woman's Journey from Drug Addiction to Sobriety. - About Me is the true story of recovering drug addict and alcoholic. This website was born out of her journey from addiction to sobriety.
  • Sobriety Gifts: Celebrate Recovery - Learn why Sobriety Gifts are very meaningful to those in recovery and browse our large selection of alcoholics anonymous gifts and general recovery gifts.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous Gifts: Recovery Jewelry - If you're looking for alcoholics anonymous gifts for yourself or a loved one, you'll love our selection of AA & NA recovery jewelry.
  • Drug Addiction Rehab Center: My Time in Rehab - Drug Addiction Rehab Center: My Time in Rehab. I walk around all day feeling like I'm stuck in some weird twilight zone. I go to all my groups and am trying to get the most out of being here.
  • Share Your Story: Drug Addiction Stories and Alcohol Stories - Share Your Story is your chance to contribute if you have a drug addiction story or alcoholic story to share. Feel free to contribute. You can do it to help others or just to help yourself.
  • Why Do People Drink Alcohol? - With all of the negative consequences of people drinking alcohol, it is easy to wonder, "Why do people drink alcohol?"
  • Is Marijuana Addictive? - Is Marijuana Addictive? Many people say no. If you are one of them, you may change your mind by the time you finish reading this page.
  • Long Term Effects of Alcohol - The long term effects of alcohol include cancer, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, pancreatitis, and much more. In other words, long term alcohol use takes a great toll on your health.
  • Alcohol and Depression - Alcohol and depression often coexist in the same person. And it is not a good combination. Alcohol, contrary to what many people believe, is a depressant.
  • Seroquel Alcohol: A Deadly Combination - A Seroquel Alcohol combination can be dangerous, even fatal. Learn more about the side effects of Seroquel and why you should avoid alcohol while taking it.
  • Help For Drug Addicts - There are many ways to find help for drug addicts, but the type of help you choose depends on what ‘stage’ of addiction the addict is going through.
  • Narcotics Anonymous Meetings - Our page, Narcotics Anonymous Meetings, introduces the 12 steps and 12 traditions followed by Narcotics Anonymous.
  • Alcohol Rehab New York - The Alcohol Rehab New York list is by no means complete, but may help you find some resources, help, and support for Alcohol Rehabs in New York.
  • Alcohol Drug Intervention - An alcohol drug intervention can be very productive if done correctly.It can provide changes that are so powerful that the addict can experience a new life with new possibilities and new potential.
  • Alcoholism Drug Treatment and Women - Alcoholism Drug Treatment is often delayed for women because they are afraid to tell others of abuse they have suffered, even though it may play a large role in why they started to self-medicate.
  • DWI Defense Attorney: Legal Resources for Addicts - Many alcoholics and drug addicts may need to enlist the help of a DWI defense attorney at some point during the course of their addictions. Visit our directory of drunk driving attorneys for help.
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse Information: Addiction Questions - Alcohol and Drug Abuse Information includes addiction questions from our readers about alcoholism and drug abuse. Readers are welcome to submit questions about substance abuse.
  • Drug Enforcement Agency – Can A Former Addict Become a DEA Agent? - In researching the Drug Enforcement Agency requirements for becoming a DEA agent, I discovered that I can never in my life become a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Agent.
  • Wet house – A Haven for Homeless Alcoholics - Wet house – A Haven for Homeless Alcoholics - allows people to eat, sleep, and drink alcohol there. Read the pros and cons and form your own opinion.

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  • average shopper - Small, overpriced, doesn't really whiten

    It's too overpriced for the amount of paste and it doesn't whiten my teeth. I give it three stars because it does clean the teeth and it prevents from build up of tartar.

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