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  • Hannah Simpson - Makes you feel like you're not getting much at all for the price ...

    Turned out to be too big when ordering the large one and I thought I had a decent sized melon. Try it on in stores before giving it a go.

  • Amazon Customer - Thermofit

    I purchased this product after trying numerous different weight loss products. I can say that while taking this and maintaining a healthy diet with exercise I have been able to lose fifty pounds that I put on after my thyroid quit working. I did not feel jittery like most diet pills do and feel overall that this is a great product.

  • nancy j veldman - disappointed

    I ordered Lifecell anti aging wrinkle cream and couldn't be more disappointed. I see no change in my skin,,.. and it is not as moisturizing as they claimed it to be. Not worth the money. I get more results from Olay ProX cream... and it is cheaper. Will not be reordering.

  • Jimmie - Now I can all enjoy life again

    If you've ever wanted to impress your invisible friends and alternate personalities and show you all what a great cook they really are then this is the book for you.

  • Ariadne H. - Delicious Summertime Treats

    A nice selection of cool, refreshing desserts with a fun twist. The butterbeer recipe is one of the best. Check out the complete cookbook.

  • Everyday Guy - Good for the price!

    I've been running two of these 24/7 for 6 months now for fish ponds and there have been no mechanical problems. Purchased a third today. Only thing I wish was the drain had a standard thread to attach plumbing fittings to. If you lose the drain cap, you're a gonner.