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  • A. D. Asher - Somewhat disappointed...

    It produced no discernible effects in two weeks of daily usage. Based on my response to other products, I would have noticed something within that time period. Everyone is different. It may work for others, but it doesn't seem to work for me.

  • Mac W - VIPRE works very well

    This is my second year using VIPRE on three computers. It has worked very well - I've had no viruses, etc.

  • shaun christopher - Very solid, thoroughly used

    As expected, fit extremely well and it will be the closest you can get to a vinyl floorboard if your truck didn't already come with one. My first choice was to spray line the floor when I got my truckbed done but for the price this was by far the way to go, I could buy 6 of these. I own them on my Acadia with cargo mat and has been a very good investment since we have kids. 5 years with the Acadia and these are still extremely solid and ready for another 5+ years so I expect these Sierra weathertech's will do the same.

  • Thom - Nice little package.

    I wasn't sure about this, but decided to go ahead and buy it because I could always return it if I did not like it. (Amazon if good for that) I was not sure how sturdy it would be. I have hard cases now and they take up a lot of room. This one compacts to a nice little self contained package and the zippers are a good enough quality so I don't have to worry about them breaking to easily. I set it up in the living room with the door open so the cats could get use to it. They just thought it was a new toy.

  • T. White - Just for arthritis

    My mom loves this product because it helps with her arthritis and the fact that she can get it in bulk helps.

  • John A. Hofstetter - Really does the job

    This is a great product. I don't know how it works, but it does. It both charges and desulfates the battery, or in my case the two batteries connected in parallel. I have 4 other BatteryMinder products, but I think this is probably the most capable of the ones I have.

  • Loretta Wheeler - A Sweet Cozy Serving Up Sweet Treats

    Author, Carolyn Dean, has given us a wonderful treat. Not just with the recipe she includes for delicious cinnamon rolls, but a delightful cozy with just enough mystery, delightful small town feeling and a perfect touch of romance. I say "touch of romance" with a smile on my face, because the author has handled the plot line with just the right amount of attention paid to the romance. This story is about a woman, a small town, and the people in it. Romance is the icing...the sweet topping for a well written cozy that makes you want to visit Ravenwood Cove, whether there's a guy waiting there for you or not :) I like this type of writing, showing the heroine as having her own grounding, her development just as important as that of the romance :)